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Monday, May 8, 2006

Lafayette, LA is the Bermuda Triangle of the US

Snady and I photographed a wedding in Lafayette, LA this past Saturday. Although I've driven past Lafayette, I've never actually driven THROUGH the town. Can I just say that I've never been so discombobulated in my life? I had perfectly clear directions from I've used MapQuest dozens of times and have always found my way with no problem; however, once I got to Lafayette and tried finding the hotel where we were staying, I somehow managed to get off course so badly that I was lost and driving around w/o a clue for a good two to three hours.

It's not just me, though! Sandra had the same problem finding the hotel the night before. Then when she tried finding the place where the bride was getting ready, she got flipped around and was lost for a good while.

Also, when I was leaving out the next morning a man came into the gas station and said he was totally lost and confused. He said he found his hotel earlier in the day and now couldn't find it again. The lady working at the gas station said that Lafayette was a big cluster and one of the worst places to try to find anything.

Why is it so hard to drive around that place? It's like some strange vortex or black hole there. Street directions don't make sense, hotels and other landmark places are hidden miles down the side streets, everything just seems so...backwards.

Let's just say that this past Saturday was the day from hell. I hate being late to important appointments like that - especially when I give myself plenty of time to get somewhere (just incase I get lost). I felt especially bad b/c Saturday was Sandra's birthday and we were both so exhausted - mentally and physically - from the day that we didn't even do anything fun afterwards.

Sandra, I owe ya one!

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