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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week 6.

Today marks the beginning of week 6.  This is what my little peanut looks like currently:

Pretty spooky looking, to be quite honest.  It’s amazing how a life transforms so dramatically. 

Here’s what’s going on inside:

- I am floating inside the amnion.
- There's a cord where my belly button should be.
- My windpipe is also forming.

- Already, my heart beats faster than my mother's!
- I have really, really short arms and legs.
- I can't pronounce cerebellum, but I have one.
- If I could see, I could see my insides!
- My brain now has five main sections. (6 wks, 4 days)
- More of my brain shows up almost every day. (6 wks, 4 days)

We’ve been telling a few more people here and there, but my pregnancy is still a secret to most people until we get to go to the first appointment which is next Monday, August 22.  Joe is becoming more and more excited about the possibility of having a boy, and my gut instinct this go round is telling me boy. My early symptoms seem to be different in some ways, so I’m wondering if this is just a normal pregnancy thing or if this is because we’re going to be blessed with a little boy.  Either way, I will be super happy.

My upper respiratory infection seems to be getting better, but it’s being replaced by other aches and pains that are just as irritating.  It was nearly impossible for me to sleep last night because I have a super amount of pressure/pain in my lower left back that shoots through my ass and into my leg. I’ve read about sciatica, but I think it may be too early to be experiencing this.  Whatever it is, it certainly sucks.  I hope it doesn’t stay around for too long because I won’t be a happy camper. 

No morning sickness yet, and I’m hopeful that will stay away this time.  Things are starting to taste funny now, and I am wondering if I’m going to have any food aversions this time like I did the last.  I’ve been craving more healthful foods instead of my usual carb-y nonsense, so let’s hope this trend continues although as I’m tying this, the thought of chili cheese fries seems more appealing than a salad.  I guess we’ll see how this pans out over the next few weeks.

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping through most nights, but that’s because Anna has been waking me up nightly.  The issue is that I can’t fall back asleep after this (which was never a problem before). 

Oy, it certainly sounds like I’m complaining a lot in this post.  I just wanted to write about all of my symptoms so as to never forget! 

I’m looking forward to Monday when we’ll get to see the baby for the first time (and hopefully hear his/her heartbeat, too). 


Myndee said...

If your back doesn't get better, see a chiropractor (one who has dealt with pregnant women). I had such horrible back pain this time, and she saved me!! :)

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