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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 5.

By the time this posts, I will be well past the 5 week mark.  I’m just going to post my weekly updates every day until I’m caught up to the week where I currently am.  Since I wanted to keep this hush for a while, this is how it will have to be, yo. 

Today marks the beginning of week 5 for the little peanut.  Here’s what’s going on inside:

The baby looks like a long tongue or a partially severed snake.

(I know it says 3 weeks.  I am 5 weeks pregnant with a 3 week old embryo.  Confused yet?)

   — The three main sections of my brain are here.

   — Blood vessels seem to be forming everywhere.

   — My heart is shaped like a long tube.
   — My heart is beating! (3 wks, 1 day)
   —  Part of my thyroid gland is here. (3 wks, 1 day)

Today was my first OB visit.  I decided to go today because I’m dealing with some sort upper respiratory thing and didn’t want it to turn into full-blown pneumonia.  When I was first pregnant with Anna, I got bronchitis immediately.  OR whatever germ it is that eventually turns into bronchitis.  By 6 weeks, I was hacking up my lungs, and if Anna’s lungs had been developed by that point, I would’ve hacked hers up, too.  To avoid this nightmare again, I called my OB’s office and was surprised to get in the next day (today).

Since I’m still so early, we opted out of an ultra-sound and just did the un-fun stuff like my annual exam and discussing which foods to eat and which foods to not eat (pretty much everything).  You don’t truly realize how limited a pregnancy diet is until you’re on it yourself.  No sushi?  WHAT?  I can’t have 20 cups of coffee anymore?  No fair!  It’s all worth it in the end, though.  That’s for sure.

They confirmed via pee test that I’m, indeed, pregnant.  However, I’ve already confirmed this with the 35 pee tests I’ve taken at home.  Here’s a digital test just for funsies:


My Dr. wrote prescriptions for lots of stuff but recommended that we take a wait and see approach with this upper respiratory thing just to make sure I don’t take unnecessary antibiotics.  So, here’s hoping that my body does what it’s supposed to do and just heals itself.  Then again, I have a little life force sucking away all of my life force, so who is to say if my body can even accomplish this huge task.

Here are my other early pregnancy trials and tribulations:

- My hair is a rat’s nest.  Knots, falling out in clumps, dull, flat, hideous.  Honestly, my odd hair was one of my first tip-offs that perhaps some weird hormonal thing was going on (aka pregnancy)

- Exhaustion but inability to sleep a full night (most of this is due to my precious toddler)

- Sore boobs

- Mild nausea, no real food aversions at this point. 

- I sound like a 30 pack a day smoker w/ this upper-respiratory issue. 

So, we’re moving along as we should.  I go back to the OB in two weeks for an ultra-sound and blood work.  It will be fun to see the baby on the screen and know someone is actually in there.  By then his/her heart will be formed, so hopefully we’ll get to hear it beat.  I can’t wait!

Oh, and Joe has finally gotten over his initial shock of it all, and he’s, dare I say, kind of excited!  He’s really excited at the possibility of this baby possibly being a boy and carrying on our last name.  He would be the only male in our family (at this point) who could do that, so this poor kid already has a lot on shoulders (if he is, in fact, a he).  I guess we’ll see soon enough.

’Til next week!


Jill said...

I love this!

Will you be finding out what you're having? Did you find out with Anna?

One Pork Chop said...

Hey, Jill!

Yes, ma'am - as soon as we can find out, we will find out although Joe is starting to opt for the surprise route. There's no way I can wait 'til the end to find out - I'm just too impatient!

I've heard rumors about some 7 week blood test that can determine the sex of your child. I'm tempted to ask my OB at my next appointment to see if I can get this done - that's how damn impatient I am!

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

OH MY GOD!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! How far along are you? I just hit 19 weeks on Sunday. EEEEEP! I'm really (really really really) excited!!!

How's Anna taking the news of being a big sister soon?

ana said...

Natalie - I feel like I've "known" you since the Nest days and I've followed your blog for quite some time.
First, congratulations! I look forward to following your journey with pregnancy #2.
We have a just-turned 3 year old and I found out I am pregnant with #2 last week. I am in "week 4."

Caroline said...

Have I told you recently how excited I am for you?!?!? Because I AM!!!!!!!

One Pork Chop said...

Liz & Ana - congrats to you both! :)


I am actually a little over 7 weeks now. I have two more "catch up" weekly posts, and then I should be current on my blog. They will post tomorrow and Friday.

Anna doesn't really grasp the concept of having a baby in my belly that will be a future brother or sister, so she's kind of meh about it all. I think once I start showing and we decorate the nursery, she will maybe grasp that a little baby will be joining us soon.

Lyndsay said...

Congrats, again! BTW, my hair, no lie, was one of my first indicators of being pregnant too! I shouldn't tell you that my hair has never been the same since. :( Damn babies, sucking out all the good stuff. ;)

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