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Friday, August 26, 2011

Week 7

Today marks the beginning of week 7.  This time with my last pregnancy, I was in full swing with morning sickness and just general ickiness.  The past few days have been really rough, but today was pretty darn near fantastic.  No nausea, no food aversions, no extreme fatigue and exhaustion.  Honestly, my pregnancy symptoms, or lack thereof, are a bit disconcerting, but I’m going to try not to worry especially since everything checked out A-OK at yesterday’s (August 22) ultra-sound. 

Here’s where the baby is today:

—  I have a really big head—it's one third of me.
—  My kidneys are getting ready for action.

—  I have hands but where are my fingers?

—  The main sections of my lungs are just like a grownup's.

—  Joints are forming in my wrists. 
—  I am glad to have feet but where are my toes? 
—  I twitched for the first time! 
—  You can see all four chambers of my heart in action.

Anna had a really bad stomach, puke-y bug this past weekend which was really tough because 1) I had to fight my own urge to vomit and 2) I didn’t get but maybe 30 minutes of sleep that night 3) it rips my heart out to see my child hurt like that.  That coupled with a bout of nausea and major food aversions made for a very miserable weekend. 

I was so weak getting ready for work on Monday morning that Joe had to bring a kitchen chair into our bathroom for me to sit in.  Now that I’m feeling better, I like to sit in it because I’m lazy. 

I managed to keep it together and make it to my first ultra-sound/blood work appointment.  Every pregnant woman in my town had an appointment before me, so it took quite a while before we were able to get the U/S.  Joe was on his lunch break, so it was a bit nerve-wracking having to wait so long.  The U/S technician was the same woman who did our last ultra-sounds, so it was nice seeing her again.  She remembered us right away because we’re just so damn cool and unforgettable.  Or maybe she just read our folder and pretended to remember us.

She was able to find the baby pretty quickly and focused in on the heartbeat. 130 beats/minute, perfect heart rate.  The baby is measuring a few days behind the original due date, but the Dr. is still keeping my due date as April 15th.  I think the IRS should give me a huge fat refund check if my child is born on tax day. 

Here’s the baby’s first photo shoot.  It’s essentially a little blob. 


Here’s Anna’s first photo:

They could be twins for real!

I labeled the above photo as leg 1 and leg 2 many years ago, but looking at the photo above, I don’t think legs were formed yet.  Dumbness, I had it.

The technician decided to tease us and say we were having twins when she got a clear shot of the baby and the yolk sac.  It really wasn’t funny at all.  We’re still recovering from the trauma of that thought.

Symptoms and other tidbits:

Late last week my OB called to tell me that I had bacteria in my urine, so I’m currently taking 7 days worth of antibiotics (every six hours around the clock).

My hair is still falling out quite a bit although it does seem to be letting up a bit.  Good thing ‘cause I wouldn’t look good bald. 

I had a bad bout of nausea, exhaustion, food aversions that lasted about 5 days, but today (August 23), I feel fantastic and symptomless. 

I’m still convinced I’m having a boy.

I announced my pregnancy to my FB friends and family, so everyone knows now. 

I’m still trying to get Anna excited about her future brother or sister, but she’s not really on board yet.  She loves babies (and is so great with them), so I’m really hoping she’ll love her brother or sister.  I think once my belly starts to grow, maybe she’ll grasp the concept a bit more.  She’s in a role playing phase where she likes to pretend she’s a baby.  Let’s hope she doesn’t revert when the baby is here.

I have another OB appointment two weeks from now to fill out paperwork and discuss my blood work results from my ultra-sound visit. 

My clothes are starting to get a little tight around my waist, but I’m definitely not showing yet – well, not until the evening, that is.  Evening bloat is the worst!  I leave home with my pants loosely fitting around my waist and come home looking like I have a 1/2 dozen muffins over my top.  I got all of my maternity clothes back from my sister, but I definitely need to stock up on more winter clothing since I was pregnant during the summer the last time.

See ya next week!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, Natalie is still in the "I'm the baby" mode. I'm sure it's going to take a lot of bribing when this baby comes to get her on board.

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