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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leaf me alone.

I love the fall.  Well, technically we’re in the midst of winter now, but fall tends to last a bit longer down in these parts.  Actually, fall doesn’t even really happen until winter here.  Our weather is a little Sybil-esque.

We took a trip to visit Santa at Bass Pro Shop, but after realizing that the line spanned the entire store, we opted out.  I may just find a cute picture of a kid on Santa’s lap and PhotoShop Anna’s head onto her body.  This would be a lot easier than waiting in a long line with a fussy toddler.  Her body rejects Bass Pro Shop just like mine.  10 minutes after we get there, she goes into core meltdown status and is ready to hit the exit.  Like mother like daughter.

After our fun trip to Bass Pro, we headed over to Joe’s grandmother’s house.  She has a fair amount of wooded property with lots of leaf losing trees, so it made for some great photo ops with Anna.  I was able to redeem myself from my Santa FAIL status.



Anna is the leaf whisperer.


editIMG_1727 editIMG_1732


Maybe one day I’ll actually get a photo of Anna where she’s not all EMO looking.  This child refuses to smile for pictures!  I’m lucky I even got an actual shot where she was looking at the camera.  

Friday, December 3, 2010


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I’m finally taking the time to blog about our day.  Now that we’re in December, that’s appropriate, right?

The highlight - other than the food, family and fun – was watching the Saints play the Dallas Cowboys and finally getting revenge on them after last year’s heart breaking loss. 

Here are some pics of my family of Saints fans:


Joe and me before the game!


My little Who dat!


Uncle Glenn, Aunt Clarissa, Chris and Ale

editIMG_1688 - Copy

My dad missed the memo that the Saints were playing, not LSU!


Crazy Joe and my child who refuses to look at the camera!  I made her a turkey bow and woven headband to match her outfit.  The headband came off before we even got there.  She settled on the bow and then ripped that out later.


AS usual, she’s trying to get away from me!  I get no love from this child when there’s playing to be done!


Joe’s “sassy” expression in the background owns me.  Anna paused to eat a chip with her Aunt Lea Lee.

editIMG_1560 Anna and her cousins spent the majority of the day sticking these leaves to the glass windows.

editIMG_1601 A little saucy pose right before the game started. 

editIMG_1598 Anna, MiMi and Aunt Lea Lee.  Of course Anna is still eating and not looking at the camera. By this point, I gave up.

IMG_1619 Anna is patting her cousin Aydan on the back for a job well done with the leaves.

IMG_1605 My uncle’s finger got in the way!

IMG_1640 Anna and Paw Paw = BFF

 IMG_1655 Do I have the cutest nephew or what?!  He could be a baby model!

ediIMG_1694 She looks all innocent, but don’t let that sweet face or bowl of chips fool you!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

I’m back, and I’m actually going to blog today instead of pimp out my store!  Aren’t you proud of me?

So, let’s talk Christmas, shall we?  This is the first year that I truly feel like Anna will be in the spirit of things.  And what better way to teach your child about the true meaning of Christmas than to spoil her with a bunch of toys that will get played with once or twice and then shoved into the corner?

Fa la la la la.

Actually, this year we’re very excited that she’ll have some gifts to open up on Christmas morning.  I am absolutely giddy with the stuff I’ve purchased so far.  I’m more excited about her gifts than I ever was about mine. 

Here’s what will be under the tree on Christmas morning.  If you’re still looking for some suggestions on what to get your little one, maybe this will help to point you in the right direction.

Most of this was purchased from Wal-Mart online.  They’re having a fantastic cyber week sale, and most of the items offer free shipping to your home, site to store or $.97 shipping – you really can’t beat it.

0005074361194_300X300 I’m already prepping her for a basketball career.  If she takes after me, she will be tall.  If she takes after her father, she will be athletically inclined.  I hope she’s our hybrid.  Otherwise she’ll be tall and clumsy.  That’s wasteful. 

0073353879999_300X300 If she doesn’t have a future in b-ball, perhaps she can be an artist.  Or perhaps this chalkboard and whiteboard easel will dissuade her from making crayon murals on our walls. 

0073353880219_300X300 Anna’s latest obsession is putting her hand in your cup and playing with whatever beverage is inside.  She may have a mild obsession with liquid.  We’re looking in to it. 

0060726690915_300X300 Since daddy’s Rock Band guitar only plays when it’s plugged in. 

51svRZXgwgL._SL500_AA300_ I bought this for purely selfish reasons.  I want to play with it.  Who wouldn’t?   Plus, I’m grooming her to be our personal chef/clothes washer. 

51RpCIEekVLThe princess theme is debatable, but I couldn’t pass up the stamp stuff.  My child is a fiend for anything that she can stamp on, color on, tear up, etc.  I’m a glutton for punishment, but I like seeing her happy!

lg_7924 When Anna holds me hostage in her room while she “cooks” – I want to have something pretty and bright to look at.  


By golly, it’s a Christmas miracle – paint that doesn’t actually paint!  My house (and cats) will be happy to know that Anna can’t do much damage with this set.

unnamed I pray that this laptop will be a good replacement for my laptop.  Anna has a mild obsession with all electronics, and she spends her days and nights trying to hack into my work laptop.  It says her name, so hopefully that will grab her attention long enough for me to put an anti-Anna virus protector on my computer. 


One of the coolest gifts my mom ever got me was a personalized crayon/coloring book holder.  I couldn’t find an exact replica, but this is close enough.  She’s getting the cherry bag (far left).  Check out this Etsy store if you want something similar – Kirk’s Korner.

il_570xN.195721043To go with her new kitchen, of course! Check out Baby Paige’s store. 

It became glaringly obvious to me as I was writing this post that I may have gone a little over board this year.  I’m making up for last year when all I gave her was a used spatula.  Christmas comes but once a year, and aside from her Satanna moments, she’s a great kid.  We are truly blessed with this little girl. 

OK, so spill it – what are you going to spoil your little one with this year?  

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