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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How you can help.

I truly believe that there are more good people on this earth than bad; people who love others and want to help when tragedy occurs.  I need the good people to come forward now.

With so  many news-worthy topics taking the forefront lately, I just want to try to help push the Alabama (and Mississippi) storm tragedy to the front again.  There are thousands of families with no place to call home, no warm bed to sleep in at night, no food to put on their table and no comfort anywhere around them.  Please let’s not forget them, let’s not forget the absolute terror they went through only a week ago.  Let’s also not forget the lives that were lost – well over 200.  That’s 200 families that will never be the same.  200 moms and dads and brothers and sisters and children who lost their loved ones. 

My good friend Beth has been tirelessly working to try to coordinate donation efforts in Alabama.  I can remember how chaotic things were after Katrina, so my heart goes out to her.  Lots of the organizations in charge of coordinating everything are just so under-staffed.  There are thousands of people wanting to volunteer and very few people giving them direction.  Thousands of boxes of food, water, supplies – all of it is just sitting waiting to be dispersed to those in need. 

Beth found a way to get essential items to the victims more quickly through the Christian Service Mission.   She has setup a link through where you can purchase essential items to be delivered to the mission.  All purchases go directly to the relief efforts.  There are many items on the list, so please do what you can – every little bit helps!

Here is where you can donate:

All items will be shipped DIRECTLY to the mission and will be dispersed immediately to those in need.

Beth wrote a pretty incredible blog about everything that went down – she includes many links and footage of the storms. Check it out here!

So, good people, please help.  Please share the Amazon donation link, this blog, Beth’s blog, anything.  Please tell your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, MySpace friends (if anyone even uses MySpace anymore), etc.  The more we spread the word, the more these victims will be remembered and taken care of.  They need you.

God bless.

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