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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 10 and more.

Here’s where things stand this week:

—  I breathe in and out once in a while, even without air.
—  My skin is getting thicker and harder to see through.
—  I often prefer moving one hand more than the other.
—  If I am a boy, I am now making testosterone just like dad.
—  I roll over and can even do flips!
—  My joints are a lot like my parent's joints.
—  I already have more than 4,000 body parts—just 500 more to go!
—  Today I am a little embryo. But tomorrow I'll be a big fetus.
—  My hair is starting to grow on my brow and near my mouth.

Remember the adorable jeans that I bought from Old Navy?  Yeah, they were horrible.  They fit cute enough, but the belly band was just as tight as regular jeans.  By the middle of the day, I was wishing I could go home and just slip into my comfy pants.  Totally miserable!  So, I’m bringing them back today. 


I’ve replaced them with these Secret Fit jeans from Motherhood.

Admittedly, most of their jeans make my ass look like a square, so I was apprehensive about buying jeans from there.  This fit, though, makes my ass look rectangular, so I guess that’s a step up.

What’s happening:

- My OB’s office called me yesterday and told me that I was negative for Toxoplasmosis which is a relief since I still sometimes change out the litter box if Joe has ignored it for a few days.  I do wear gloves, though, and our cats are pretty much inside 99% of the time.  I also no longer have Vitamin D deficiency which I had prior to getting pregnant.  I take 5,000 units/day, so it would be a bit ridiculous if I still needed more.

- I’ve filled out all of my family history paperwork and am done with all of the boring OB office visit stuff.  I have another appointment in a few weeks where I’ll hopefully get to hear the h/b on the Doppler. 

- I’m feeling pretty great, actually.  Very, very mild nausea that typically goes away when I eat and stays away most of the day.  My fatigue is bearable, no worse than it was prior to getting pregnant.  I’m extremely hormonal, though, which is one super crappy aspect of pregnancy.  Thankfully I have a very understanding husband who has been doing everything within his power (most days) to keep me from having a breakdown.  My hair loss has subsided, and I’m finally getting to the place where I don’t think I’ll be losing any additional hair this pregnancy.  This is good because I was seriously contemplating ordering a wig if the hair loss continued.  It was a bit unsettling!

- Up until a few days ago, I’d had no weight gain.  I weighed myself this morning, and it looks like I’m +1. 

What else is going on in our lives…
Anna Kate is officially weaned from the paci!  Words cannot express how elated we are that this thorn in our side is GONE.  It took us nearly 3 years, but we’re here, and we still have our sanity (some of it). 

Basically, I cut the tip off of one of her pacis.  She took it and was like WTF, mom.  She still used it, but I kept filling her head with mom lies.  “Anna Kate, pacifiers are dirty and have poo poo on them.  Pacifiers are only for little babies.”  So, the more she associated pacifiers with poop and little babies, the less inclined she was to take one.  Granted, this is probably not the best approach, but when you’re desperate, you do what you can.  Even if it means telling your child her pacifier has crap on it.  Don’t judge.

Anna is now officially night potty trained, too.  After putting countless pull-ups on her and her waking up dry, I decided it was time to just put her in regular panties at night and hope and pray it worked.  Thus far, it has!  She did have an accident the other night, but this was the first time in weeks she did, and I blame myself for letting her drink lots of fluids before bed. 

Anna’s 3rd birthday is coming up in about a month!  The party theme this year is Super Hero because she’s obsessed with all things super hero related.  My good friend created an adorable graphic in Anna’s likeness (and other little super hero kids), and I made this invite for her party:

And as luck would have it, had a sale on the most PERFECT super hero girl costume ever:

The mask is a little scary, but everything else is perfection!  Plus, I can put this on her for Halloween, too!  $18 for a dual purpose costume?  I’ll take it!

That’s it for now!  See ya soon!


Jennifer said...

I tell my children Klondike bars are poop sandwiches. I don't like to share.

And those invites & that costume are adorable!! I wish we lived closer so we could come.

Myndee said...

Can I just say how glad I am to see regular blog posts from you again! :)
That superhero costume is too cute! My kids will be donning superhero T-shirts to the party!

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