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Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 months under my belt.

The days are flying by like seconds. It’s scary to think that 6 months ago I was laboring in a hospital when it really only feels like 6 minutes ago.  Both of my kids will be married with their own kids before I can blink. 

Here are Joseph’s 6 month photos.  He is just getting over RSV (more on that in a bit), so, once again, he was under the weather for these photos (and it really shows near his eyes).  Our photo session was very brief today!

eIMG_3351eIMG_3356eIMG_3361eIMG_3364eIMG_3373eIMG_3374eIMG_3385eIMG_3397eIMG_3403 6monthcomparison

This monthly temperament update has somewhat been skewed since Joseph has been sick pretty much the entire month.  My poor baby contracted RSV somewhere (I’m thinking when I took him to church and he stayed in the baby room), so he’s been a bit fussier and needier this month.  We’re at about two weeks of dealing with this junk right now, and prior to that he was dealing with a cold/sinus crap from the pollen in the air.  Even with all of that funk, he’s still pretty content and happy, still smiles and giggles all the time, still enjoys pretty much everything.  Loves his mama. 

Well, I made it to my six month breastfeeding goal, and I’m so excited that I made it this far.  I will be starting a new job on the 15th, so I’m on the fence as far as if I’ll continue pumping and nursing.  I probably will because, at this point, it kills my heart to think about stopping, but I’m not going to feel any guilt (at least I won’t let myself) if things don’t work out past this point.  I just really enjoy it now, much more than I ever thought I would.  And since Joseph is our last, I want to hold on to it as long as I can. 

Other than that, we started him on solids at exactly 6 months (Wednesday, October 3).  I put it off as long as possible because if I can be honest here, it’s kind of a pain in the butt.  A sloppy, crazy pain in the butt! 

Anna was the first to feed him, and she did a great job.  His first meal other than boob milk/formula was squash. 


Well, the pack-n-play didn’t quite work out.  He hated it.  So, he’s back in his RNP sleeper and strapped in like he’s wearing a strait jacket.  I have no idea what we’re going to do to transition him to his crib.  He still refuses to nap/sleep in his crib, too.  Le sigh.  I love the RNP sleeper, but it does set a rather ridiculous precedent that no standard crib mattress will be able to live up to. 

Joseph isn’t 100% consistent with his nightly sleep ritual.  He still wakes up some nights more than once, others only once, sometimes not at all.  He’s just a mixed bag. 

Joseph is flipping from front to back and back to front like it’s no one’s business.  He’s also sitting up constantly in his swing and RNP.  He’s not quite ready to sit up on his own on a flat surface yet, but I know he’ll be there shortly.

Such a little creeper.

He has two teeth on the bottom (front).  Anna didn’t get teeth until well past her first birthday, so I was a bit shocked to see not one but TWO of those little suckers.  So cute, though! 

He started eating solids on Wednesday, October 3.  First on the menu: Squash.


Unfortunately, my guy has had a rough month this past month.  He was diagnosed with RSV on Monday, September 24th.  He is only the second case his pedi’s office had seen this year.  He had a weird bark cough which I initially thought was croup.  So, moms, if you’re wondering what an RSV cough sounds like, click below. 

Joseph’s RSV cough

I’ve been having to give him breathing treatments – initially every four hours around the clock.  He slept through the night ones, so that was great.  He didn’t fuss or fight the daytime ones too much.



So, I brought Joseph in for his 6 month pedi appointment on Wednesday, October 3.  He checked out fine although his chest is still “junky” from the RSV.  One thing that did concern his pedi was his weight.  Here are his stats:

Height: 26.5 (50th percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs. 12 oz. (10th percentile)
Head: 17” (40th percentile)

While he’s gaining at each appointment, he’s still on the lower end of the chart.  She wasn’t too concerned about it since he’s so darn active all.the.time, but she did instruct me to feed him solids three times/day vs. the regular two times/day that is recommended at this age.  He may have been down a few ounces from being sick, but I’m definitely feeling a bit let down that maybe my boobs aren’t giving him the nourishment he needs.  He’s also super pale, paler than I’ve ever seen him.  Granted, Joe and I are one shade from mime paint, but Joseph is just way too pale.  I’m hoping that the solids will put some meat on that boy’s bones and help him get his color back.  He just looks so pitiful and wiped out all the time. 

Other than that, he’s meeting all of his milestones, early even, so he’s right on track with everything.  He’s just my lil’ peanut. 

Since he was still under the weather, his pedi recommended we bring him back within a week for his 6 month shots.  I was glad she decided that because my poor baby has been through enough these past few weeks.  Round the clock breathing treatments, nose running like a faucet, pale like a vampire –poor kid doesn’t need shots just yet!

He hasn’t grown much since the last time I posted.  He’s still wearing 9 months clothes (I think I’ve even put him in a 12 month outfit because he’s so long).  He’s in a size 3 diaper.  Size 2 shoe.

We haven’t really done much this month, but we did go to an off the beaten path pumpkin patch.  It was so off the beaten path that we were the only people there which was quite nice. 

photo(14)Two Joes

photo(16)Anna wore this costume everywhere we went that day.  Eh, why not?

Anna and Joseph are little buddies.  She’s really taken a motherly approach to sisterhood with him, if that makes any sense.  She treats him like he’s her child – very gentle, kind, loving.  It’s adorable to watch.  She was so excited to be able to feed him his first solid, and he took it from her better than he does from me, actually. 

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