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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Six Degrees of Topher Grace.

As many of you may know, I'm a huge fan of Topher Grace. I fell in love with him on That 70s Show, and my love grew even stronger when I watched "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton" and "In Good Company" (I wasn't too impressed with him in P.S.). When I say love, I mean luve (a mixture of lust and love). Let's just put it this way, if I was single, and if he would be desperate enough to go out with me, I'd fly up to wherever it is that he lives and call it a day. Does that make me crazy? Possibly.

So, for the past few weeks they've been building a set about a block from my work. There are about 20 headstones set up in cemetery-like fashion. With the weather all gloomy and cold, it's the perfect backdrop for whatever sad, sappy movie is about to be filmed here. Which, by the way, I just found out is a Brad Pitt film called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (comes out in 2008).

I usually eat my lunch and read by the Lakefront, so I was especially curious today when I saw that parts of the park were being partitioned off by barricades and police tape. Since I'm nosy as hell, I came back to work and told my co-worker about it - she immediately wanted to go check it out. Who am I to argue? We march down to the lakefront and start chatting with everyone who has gathered.

This is what we hear while we're standing there...

"Brad Pitt is going to be filming today!"
"No, Brad isn't going to be here!"
"Yes, Brad will be here!"
"No, Brad isn't coming!"

So, being the investigator that I am, we started chatting up some LA guy who was there to help setup. After he tried being smooth and flirting with us - spare me - he said that Brad won't be there and that some character actor guy would be filming a scene at 4.

My point is this - this LA actor guy said he just got finished wrapping up Spider Man III - which, my friends, stars none other than Topher Grace - my future husband. So, in some sick and twisted way, I experienced a Six Degrees scenario with my favorite actor. I couldn't care less about Brad Pitt at this point.

Oh, when we were walking back to work, one of the photographers there from the local paper said that the movie company asked them to come out and photograph. It's unspoken that Brad WILL be there. I guess that none of the assistants can verify that he'll be there - perhaps it's some sort of breach. I'm not sure.

I will be there at 4 just to see. I'll post an update later.


Anonymous said...

Wow! have a great time!

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