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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures a plenty.

Mark this down for lamest post title ever. I couldn’t think of anything witty or delicious for the post title.  Whatev, you still love me. 

Enjoy the pics, k?

To start this shindig, here are some photos from the 4th of July.  Notice how patriotic I am in my brown shirt.  Side eye to Natalie.


Anna, me, my sister Nicolle

5568_100733543239_511683239_2172078_2284058_n Anna thinks she’s too cool for school.  Notice the random paper plate in her hand.

5568_100733488239_511683239_2172071_1113285_n It’s looks like these that convince me we’re going to have to keep the baseball bats well stocked once the boys start coming around.  She’s already making flirt eyes.  Oy!

5568_100733483239_511683239_2172070_1881498_n Anna with Uncle Trout (Trent)

5568_100733478239_511683239_2172069_4636438_n My lovely parents (Paw Paw Jeff and Mimi)

IMG_6193 Anna wanted to touch Paw Paw’s beard.  She’s obsessed.  Mimi just laughs.  Paw Paw grins and bears it.


Oh boy!  Presents!


I don’t care about presents, mom.  The ribbon and tags will suffice.  Oh, and I love having pretend hair like this.  Now I look like my BFF Kadence!

IMG_6208 The onesie, a gift from my grandparents, says, “If I could get into the Marines, I’d quit daycare.”  My grandfather is a lifer in the Marines.  Oohrah! 

IMG_6209This onesie says “Future Grunt” and the red one on Anna’s leg says “Marine Breed.”  Sooo cute!  I love, love, love them!  Anna is too focused on the paper to really enjoy the moment.

IMG_6199 Odd family photo.  Joe looks startled.  I am tipping over and Anna is looking away from the camera.  This is how most of our family photos turn out which is why I hardly ever post any of them on here. 

IMG_6204Daddy’s Little Fire Cracker.  Joe bought this shirt for her.  I bought the shoes.

Bath time with dad.

Here are some random photos of Anna’s bath time with dad.

IMG_6154 Dad getting Anna’s arms stuck in her onesie.  She was not amused.

IMG_6155 Little Joe.  Big Joe.


I spy baby crack.

IMG_6160 Anna loves her bath toys. 

IMG_6184 Anna also loves it when daddy puts her diaper on backwards.  Diaper - 1.  Daddy - 0.

Summer fun with watermelon!

What summer would be complete without a sampling of watermelon?


Thank God for mesh feeders.  And bibs.  And warm enough temps to allow babies to be topless during the summer.  And vinyl high chair covers.  What a MESS!



That's all for now, folks. Please come back soon!


Angela said...

those are fantastic Nat!! And you know I love the Marine onesies!! Too cute!

Loving Mommy! said...

Anna really is so beautiful! make me want a girl asap. Better watch out for those flirty eyes.

Lyndsay said...

I gave DD watermelon in the mesh feeder and she hated it. I think the mesh feeder still tasted too much like plastic. And I love the signature on your photos, cute!

Mandy said...

What great photos Nat! Anna is just too cute for words. And awesome idea to give them watermelon...I guess I hadn't thought about it because I don't like it, but I bet the boys would. :)

Stephanie said...

She's just so cute - I love the Little Joe, Big Joe photo.

Carla said...

She's so cute, Nat! Love how Joe looks in the pics!

Jen said...

Just too adorable for words!!! Oh and I think the family pic is cute (not weird looking at all!)

Freckles Chick said...

My family is starting to get a complex around your darling family pics. And we are now giving you guys the stink eye. Or was it the side-eye?

And patriotic or not, I lurve your outfit!

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