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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fabulous fours.

Another lovely year has passed, and now I have a four year old.  Granted, I’m almost a month late posting this birthday post for Anna, but at least I’m posting it at some point, right?  I still get half a brownie point, I think. 

This year went by so quickly that I barely remember much of it with being pregnant, having a baby, losing a job, getting another (great) job, and just life in general.  I will say that losing my job and getting to spend nearly 5 months at home with my kids was probably the best blessing of my life.  Getting to spend that time with Anna and watch her grow into the precious little (big) girl that she is today was priceless to me. 

So, what’s new with Anna?  Well, she’s in a new school now and absolutely loves it.  She gets to spend some time with her brother there, so I think it makes her feel like the cool kid on the block. 

She’s well mannered and says “yes, ma’am” and “thank you” about 90% of the time.  The other 10% is spent on the ground screaming and crying, but that’s because she’s a moody little 4 year old with a very strong will, so I just roll with it and carry around a bible and crucifix to keep the devil away. 

She loves and adores her grandparents and cousins, and her favorite thing ever is to go to MiMi’s (my mom) house or stay for a few days at Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s (my in-laws) house. 

She’s hilarious and witty and very funny for a 4 year old.  Not cheesy, knock knock funny, but she seriously says things that will make you laugh for minutes.  Granted, I can’t remember any of them now because I fail, but just envision Jay Leno with less chin and curlier hair, and you have my daughter.

She’s very nurturing with her brother, very maternal with her baby dolls, and very loving with her dad and me.  She’s just a sweet kid.  I can’t say it enough.

Anna’s favorites:
Color: Blue
Food: Raviolis (yeah, I feed my kid from a can sometimes, sue me – I take what I can get with her because she’s a VERY picky eater) 
TV Show: Woody Woodpecker, Curious George
Movie: She’s not a big fan of movies – they don’t hold her interest long
Song: She likes whatever we listen to, so lots of old school music and electronica.  Quite an eclectic mix, I’d say.
Saying: She likes to say the word “actually” a lot.  “Well, actually, I don’t like those pants.”
Toy: She likes her brother a lot.  He’s her toy.
Person: Mom, dad, MiMi, Maw Maw and Paw Paw
Animal: Chloe although she calls her White Harley.
Snack: Chips
Drink: Milk, water, or sweet tea
Pastime: She loves jumping on her bed. 
Height/Weight: 40 1/2 (75% percentile); 36 lbs. (50th%)

So, we decided to do the low-key (we’re poor) thing this year and just have a little mini-party with just us.  We woke Anna up that morning with a showering of balloons.  She absolutely loved it! 

At this age we can get away with giving her $1 bills. 

Hey, I want in on some of that action!

eIMG_3451 I call this clutter corner.  I imagine every house with kids has this if you’re lacking a play room.  If you can find it in the midst of this chaos, her birthday present was a little scooter.

eIMG_3454She was very excited!

eIMG_3459 eIMG_3465
And since I’m the world’s best mom, I was encouraging her to ride it without shoes or a helmet!


Then my brain kicked in, and I made her come inside and gear up before CPS came by to take her away.

We had a very low-key day for a very special little girl.  Happy birthday, sweet Anna Kate!  We love you so much!


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