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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Easter.

Yep, it’s weeks after the fact, but here I am posting about Easter.  This year’s Easter crept up on us very quickly, so I lovingly hit the Target $1 bins on my way home from work the day before.  I have to keep my mom-fail street cred and wait ‘til the last minute for everything.

Anyway, regardless of my tardiness, we decided to have Easter one day early since I’d planned on heading to my mom’s that weekend and would be knee-deep in organizing my old bedroom into a kid-friendly play room.  My mom’s house is slowly looking like an episode of Hoarders with all of the kids’ toys cluttering up every nook and cranny.  So, that’s how I spent my actual Easter Sunday – re-organizing a bedroom. 

I spent my Saturday morning before Easter watching my kids enjoy the little gifts that the Easter bunny brought them.  Even though it was a day early, they didn’t know, and they certainly didn’t care.  Once Anna saw her basket, everything else melted away.  I’m also proud to say that not a single candy bar or chocolate bunny made it into this year’s basket.  Actually, I’m not proud to say that, I’m sad to say that.  I didn’t get to finish off their candy this year!

Here are some pics of the basket unveiling:

Anna obviously approves.

eIMG_3807eIMG_3810eIMG_3814These puffs are serious business, yo.

eIMG_3815eIMG_3816The kid has to taste EVERYTHING.  Even chairs.

eIMG_3818The king of side-eyes.  Just like his sister.

eIMG_3824As expected, he cared more about his sister’s loot than his own.  I guess outlet plugs and puffs just aren’t cool anymore.


I hope you and yours had a fabulous Easter with lots of egg dyeing and BBQ!


Crystal from My Ramblings said...

The side eyes... I die!

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Oh God, I lol-ed so hard at the side-eyes!

Mandy Ford said...

Goodness they are both so cute Natalie! Little Joe is getting so big! I love how much they look alike. The side-eye photo still cracks me up. :)

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