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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grammar PSA of the day.

I make grammatical mistakes all the time b/c I'm only human, ryte?

So, I don't want this to come off as preachy or anything - God knows I can't stand people like that.

::runs for cover::

Please, for the love of God, when you're trying to make a point that there's no way to care less about a situation, please say "couldn't care less" and not "could care less."

For example:

"I couldn't care less that Specter has decided to switch political parties."

By saying, "I could care less that Specter..." you are implying that there are additional opportunities to care less which ultimately defeats the purpose of your sentence.

This is a big pet peeve of mine, and I just noticed it while reading something.

What're your grammatical pet peeves?

(I'm uber paranoid that there are multiple grammatical errors in this post now. If so, I love you - don't be mean.)


Beth said...

You meant to spell ryte wrong, right? LOL

I have so many that I might blow up Blogger's server trying to list them all. A few examples of top ones:

"My friends have went to the store."

"Here is a picture of J and I's dinning room." (Look I used TWO pet peeves in one sentence.)

Bring vs. Take. UGH. It's not that hard people. You bring things to where you currently are and you take things to where you are going.

"Will you bring me to the store?"
"No, but I'll take you there."

Yeah, I could be a huge grammar nazi but I choose to have friends and a husband instead. hehehe

Crystal said...

I'm pretty much ok with anything that is spoken... I used to be really bad, but then I took a lot of linguistics classes... but when it comes to written language (most blogging excluded), I have a lot, but the biggest one is people who spell "a lot" as one word... it is an open compound word! It is like nails on a chalkboard for me to see "alot" written somewhere.

Katrina said...

My favorite is "I seen him it other say" What?! You "seen"?! UGH!

One Pork Chop said...

UGH @ "seen"

I hear that one used all too often for sure!

Beth, I'm kinda embarrassed - I'm going through my mind and trying to recall if I've ever used the words bring and take incorrectly. I probably have. :blush:

Tamara said...

Oh, this drives me crazy too! I hear and read this phrase all the time, it's so annoying.

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