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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Party girl.

My child’s social calendar is more full than my own.  She isn’t even in school yet, and she gets invited to more birthday parties than I ever did.  I love it because I get to eat cake, and if you know me, you know I love cake.  Plus, Anna gets to interact with other kids and do cute stuff like steal their polka dot sunglasses and hula hoop like no one’s business.

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We were invited to our good friend’s daughter’s birthday party at the gymnastics club where I worked many moons ago.  It’s a great place and a great space to have a birthday party.  I should know, I had Anna’s first birthday there

July2010 072

Here she is doing her best Elton John impersonation with some sunglasses that she stole from some poor little sunglass-less girl.  (Before you wax all judgmental on me, she gave the glasses back.)

July2010 073

July2010 050 Jumping with dad on the trampoline.

July2010 054

Attempting to do a back handspring.

July2010 055

She didn’t get too far. 

July2010 057 All girls like rings, right?

July2010 058

Nope, not Anna.

July2010 064 So, she tries to steal another little girl’s hula hoop. 

July2010 066

We find her another hoop.

July2010 067 Then she drops it and finds a ball instead.  I think she inherited my attention span.

It was a great party with great friends.  And great cake.  Lots and lots of cake. 


Victoria said...

I live for birthday invitations because of then cake too! If it weren't so bad for you I could easily just live off of birthday cake alone!

Hannah said...

Love the glasses, looks like a fun party.

Crecia Page said...

I can't wait to take my daughter to an open gym. I also love how you did pictures of the first twelve months. Great Blog!

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