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Thursday, May 3, 2012

One month under my belt.

Today marks Joseph’s one month  baby-a-versary.  I can’t believe he’s already been here four weeks nor can I believe I’ve managed to survive these four weeks with a newborn and unruly toddler.  Now only did I survive, I conquered.  I am woman, hear me ROAR!

I’d like to say that it was a rough, baby boot-camp experience, but Joseph has gone pretty easy on me, so I really can’t complain or take credit where it’s not due.  My daughter, on the other hand, has been a crazy little bi-polar toddler who has taken me to the depths of insanity and picked me back right before I hit the brink.  Little did I know that my biggest beef in these early weeks would be with my precious, angelic (snort) daughter. 

This is a typical day in my house:

Baby wakes up.  Anna wakes up.  Baby is hungry.  Anna wants to hold baby.

”Mommy, please I hold the baby?”
”No, Anna, I have to feed him right now – you can hold him in a few minutes.”
”Mommy, I want to hold the baby NOW!”
”No, Anna, he has to eat.”

Anna turns into Reagan from The Exorcist.  Sans pea soup or peeing on the floor in front of party guests.

The tantrums last for about 10 minutes.  Then I have to hear how she’s no longer my friend, how I’m mean, how she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.  I have a toddler/tween hybrid.  Not fun.

Oh well, outside of her tantrums, she’s actually a tremendous help.  She’s fetched me many diapers, wipes, burp cloths, Boppy pillows, glasses of water – you name it – she’s my personal gopher.  She also loves her brother more than life itself, so those moments where she’s not throwing a tantrum are quite sweet. 

eIMG_8639 eIMG_8647

Yep, she even changes diapers!

IMG_8722 She got to feed him his second bottle even though she was a bit distracted by the tele.

eIMG_8703 Then she helped me give him his first bath.

IMG_8688 She actually got in with him as well and didn’t even splash him once!



IMG_8679 He was a little unsure at first, but he quickly warmed up to the idea of a bath, and now I think he’s a huge fan!

IMG_8704 So fresh and so clean.

IMG_8708 One can never have too much baby feet.  Much like cowbell.

Random photos:

IMG_8724 I finally found a swaddle he can’t break!  My little baby burrito.

eIMG_8739My littlest Sproleja!  Meet the newest member of the Who Dat Nation.  We still love the Saints!

eIMG_8740Yep, those baby legs are ridiculously huge on him.  Special thanks to Liz at Bon Temps Beignet for the adorable onesie and my good friend Mandy at This Girl’s Life for the adorable hat!  Who dat!

Here are Joseph’s 1 month photos (with Anna and by himself):

IMG_8751 They were both thrilled.

eIMG_8777 His tie says 1 month even though it’s hard to make out.  I need to work on this for next month.  I’m just learning how to use my camera.

So, here’s my monthly update about baby J.

Joseph is the sweetest little baby.  I know lots of moms probably say that about their children, but I really mean it.  The only time he fusses at all is when he’s hungry.  He’ll even sit in a dirty diaper without complaining.  I’m like, “DUDE, what the heck?!  Speak up, little one!”  His cry is a little insane, though.  He sounds like an injured bird.  Not a little bird like a blue jay, but a huge, gawking bird like a buzzard.  SQUAAAAK.  Yeah, I like to avoid that at all costs, so when he cries, he promptly gets the boob. 

He’s more awake lately which is difficult since there’s not much you can really do with a newborn.  Joe bought him a swing since Anna broke our last one, so I’m counting down the days until I see that beautiful box from Amazon.  I think he’ll enjoy being in a swing vs. his Rock N Play Sleeper thing (which we love, by the way).  He needs some movement to be content.  Since he won’t take a pacifier (EEEEK), and I don’t want to be his human pacifier, I figure a swing is the next best thing.  I appreciate the Attachment Parenting method, but it’s just not for me, so holding him all day is not an option.

I am kicking ass and taking names when it comes to breastfeeding.  Actually, baby Joe is kicking ass since he’s a perfect little latcher.  I’ve even nursed in public a few times, well, mainly in my car, but I’m definitely feeling more empowered every single day.  I did have a bit of a bad experience the other day at my OB check-up.  As soon as I arrived there (with both kids in tow, no less), J started with his buzzard cry, so I had no choice but to give him the boob.  I went into the bathroom to get situated and cover myself with my hooter hider.  When I came back out in the waiting room and sat down, this older couple sitting across from me promptly got up and switched seats to the other side of the waiting room facing away from me.  It made me feel really embarrassed and like I’d offended them. 

I was not exposed in any way at all as I was covered with a huge nursing cover.  However, after talking it over with my friends who are all pro-BFing, I realized it was their ignorance to be offended by a natural process, so screw ‘em!  

I’ve tried pumping in between sessions, but I guess at this point I’m making just enough to keep him satisfied and anything over that depletes my supply for his next feeding.  I’ve pumped only a few ounces for the freezer, and every time I do that, he cluster feeds for the rest of the day.  I don’t think I’ll ever build much of a freezer stash, so I may have to supplement with formula for a few days once I go back to work until I can pump enough for each day.  

I’m just glad that he’s able to go between the bottle and boob w/ no issues.  He’s had three bottles so far and has taken them with no problems and nursed shortly thereafter with no problems.  I waited until he was almost 3.5 weeks before I offered his first bottle.  It’s just so much easier to offer the boob and not worry about fixing a bottle that I was in no hurry and still wish I didn’t ever have to give him a bottle just because I’m so lazy.  

He’s definitely more awake these days.  I was concerned about his sleepiness in the beginning, but now he’s definitely coming into his own in the awake department.  He’ll go about 3 – 4 hours in between feedings at night and about 2 – 3 hours during the day.  When he’s done feeding, instead of going right back to sleep, he’ll usually just look around for a while or fuss again and want more.  I’m still pretty lucky that he sleeps for 3 hours spurts during the night.  He even went 5 hours one night!  Let’s hope that he’ll go that route again soon. 

Joseph’s 1 month appointment is tomorrow.  I’ll post back his stats once I get them, but I know he’s definitely gaining weight.  

He still has eye gunk, so I need to find out why it’s not going away and what the heck it is. It may be a clogged duct like Anna had. I’m not sure.

His belly button stump fell off at exactly 3 weeks. I was so glad to see that nasty thing go away!

His 1 month appointment went very well.  He’s had some spit-up issues (think Exorcist projectile vomiting episodes) a few times, but his Pedi assured me that as long as it’s not a daily occurrence (which it isn’t, thankfully), that it’s probably just reflux.  He doesn’t act like he’s in pain when he has the episodes, so I’m going to hold off on any reflux medications until absolutely necessary.

The eye gunk is a clogged duct.  Anna had the same problem.  These usually resolve in a few months, so I’m not too concerned.  I’m supposed to massage the corner of his eye three times/day to help release the tears. 

Head: 14 3/4 (50th%)
Weight: 9 lbs. 8 oz. (50th%) – this is a gain of nearly 2 lbs. in two weeks!
Length: 22 1/4” (75th – 90th%) – tall just like mama!

I managed to bring both kids to Target by myself.  My mission was to buy cat food, but I walked out $75 poorer and almost forgot the cat food.  It was a nice experience because Anna was well behaved, and Joseph slept the whole time.  I was absolutely terrified to make this outing on my own, but I knew I’d have to do it eventually, and I had cabin fever and was desperate for some Target popcorn.  

Now that I’ve broken the “mom of two who brings her kids out in public” fear, I feel like I’m a real mom of two now.  It’s certainly not easy getting to places on time with two kids, but I did manage to get to my OB appointment FIVE minutes early!  I was so proud. 

I covered this at the top of my blog. :)


Mimi said...

He's precious. Glad everything is going well. I pumped starting at 6 wks to build a supply which was about when my son started sleeping in longer stretches at night. I'd pump about 1-2 hrs after he fell asleep and now have a great supply in the freezer. Helps me not wake up with bricks as boobs too!

sunshineyou said...

I absolutely LOVE the first pic of him and Anna (of his one month pics). I think you should frame it :) Congrats on the Target outing! Such a milestone ;)

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