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Friday, May 11, 2012

A smile.

I always wish I would’ve kept better track of Anna’s milestones.  I used to keep them saved in a Word document, but when my laptop crashed, I lost everything.  I’m sorry, Anna.  Don’t let my lack of posts about your early months make you think mommy loves you any less. 

Since the Internet is forever, I’m going to keep track of J’s milestones on my blog.  I figure this is the fool-proof way to keep track unless blogger goes out of business. 

First milestone…

Granted, he’s not smiling in this picture, he’s looking more like Dr. Evil than anything else, but I promise you he did look at me and smile for at least 20 seconds today.  He was wide awake, too, so I know it wasn’t a gas smile.  I’m looking forward to many more smiles!


Tottums said...

Wish I had done this with the Froggy. He is SO cute!

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