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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2nd layer of hell.

Anna is in teething hell. This also means I'm in teething hell. Satan has somehow replaced my precious, sweet child with a look alike spawn. A teething spawn. Sent here to wreak havoc on house and home.

She chews, she screams, she drools enough to fill an olympic sized swimming pool. My clothes are soaked, her clothes are soaked, I had to call our insurance company to replace the drool damaged wood floors in our house.

That may be a bit extreme, but you get the point here.

I walked into her room yesterday after I ASSumed she'd been taking a nap. Nope, no nap. She'd miraculously turned herself into a woodchuck during her "nap" and devoured her crib. The crib that would one day convert into her big girl bed. The bed she'd have forever or 'til she got married to some rich man who could afford to buy her another bed.

I'd been warned - You better get a crib guard before she starts teething! Nah, not my child. Never would she eat her furniture. Not on your life.

She ate her furniture.

I hear it's high in fiber.

So, now I have rigged her crib in a way that is oh-so-trashtastic but practical and free! Free is nice when money is tight.

Voila. What do you think? I'm thinking about opening up an Etsy store to sell my trashtastic creations.

IMG_6724 IMG_6726Yeah, mom, I did it, so what’s it to ya? GUILTY!

IMG_6728 IMG_6730 Here’s why I did it. Yes, those are tooth marks. Yes, there are many of them down the entire front of her crib. Oh, and yes, my daughter has a huge gap in between her front teeth.

IMG_6723 This is what she looks like when she’s resting after a long day of wood chucking.


Heather said...

That last picture is so sweet. And how much are you charging for your creation? I fear another wave of teething might be hitting us now.

Mommyofone said...

Oh yes. My son has done the same, only it's on about one foot of his rail where he always stands. It looks like a beaver went to town. Haven't bought any crib rail things since I am too cheap and keep forgetting...I like your idea! She's too cute.

Joseph's Journey said...

Sorry to hear about the teething; we are in the same boat with our son but he's not chewing on his crib just his clothes. where did you get Anna's pj's? I am looking for some boy and girl pj's to give for christmas and having a hard time finding the footed ones. Any info would be great; please drop me a line on our blog: Thanks! ~Veronica

Kelli said...

I feel like you live at my house!!

I have been trying to figure out how to stop this without buying a crib rail. I know what I will be doing tomorrow!

I linked this post in my blog :)

The Bormann Family said...

Saw your blog through Foster Family. I have a crib chewer too! your nursery is adorable.

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