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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quote of the week.

Every now and then, my husband comes up with some true zingers. Today's quote, said while watching an episode of Glee:

"Can we please change the channel? I'm starting to grow a vagina."

For the less swift readers, I guess he thinks it's a girly show - definitely not his cup of tea.

Sorry if that's offensive to anyone, but it certainly made my night. I'm still laughing.

I may laugh about it 'til tomorrow or the next day. I'll let you know.


Beth@ Southern Living Naturally said...


I love Joe. That is classic.

Berg said...

My boyfriend refuses to watch Glee with me... but then again this is the same boy who locked himself in my room to watch the entire first season of "Samantha Who" after I made him watch the first episode.

Angela said...

Mike loves Glee. I'll tell him that Joe thinks he has a mangina.

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