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Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy cows come from Louisiana.


So, yes, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and, yes, I’m just posting pictures of Halloween, but I still should get an A for effort on this one.  The simple fact that I actually dressed up this year and managed to not scare small children and animals is a feat in and of itself.  I by-passed the standard white trash mullet and missing teeth costume for something a little classier, ahem, sexier.  Don’t get your hopes up (or puke) – I didn’t go the Frederick’s of Hollywood route.  I’m a woman of class, sophistication, modesty – plus, I didn’t feel like shaving my legs above the knees. 

I kid, I kid. Maybe.

So, enough about me.  My nearest and dearest (aka hubby J and daughter A) dressed up as well.  It was my first official year as a mother of a Trick-or-treater (last year she was a mere 3 weeks old), and even though she can’t say, “Trick or Treat” or really even walk on her own up to the door without tripping a few times, I still managed to get a few pieces of candy here and there – mainly from people who called us up to their door (I kid you not).  It’s amazing how generous people are with their candy when they see a cute lil’ kid in a cow suit.  Moooo. 

So, here's my little cow. Yes, I called my own child a cow. She's young, it won't affect her now. I'll just hide these pictures during those formative (and oh so pesky) teen years when her self-esteem is formed. No, baby, you were never a cow - you're a beautiful swan, a butterfly, a giraffe. <-- Hey, I think they're beautiful!

Random 068Here she is when we first put the costume on her.  I probably should’ve tried it on her say, I dunno, BEFORE HALLOWEEN!   She was swallowed by the cow.  She’s a trooper, though. 

Random 067 Her attempt at giving me the side eye.  FAIL.  She’s too cute.

Random 074 Here she is attempting to walk in the cow costume.

Random 073 And then falling.  I am pretending she’s just playing the part and attempting to crawl on all fours like a cow.  My little thespian.

Random 076 Cutest tail evah!

Random 079Since no one knows how to operate my camera, here’s an extremely far away picture of the three of us.  We’ve yet to get one good family shot together.

Random 080 Here’s a shot of Anna in the stroller right after someone said that “he” is such a cute Dalmatian. 

Random 090Our ToT time was cut short since we had to get back to get ready for our Halloween party.  I can’t say Anna wasn’t thrilled to get that cow costume off.  

Grand Paw Paw and GiGi came over to watch Anna, and the hubs and I got ready for the Halloween party.  I went as some famous (or infamous) actress and Joe went as a Scuba guy.  ;)

img_1991 I didn’t stuff although I should’ve.  I had nightmares of toilet paper balls popping out at the most inopportune times.  So, I just went with what God blessed me with and called it a day. 

img_1994 L to R: My sister, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Jr., Mimi Marilyn Sr.

Random 098 We are one klassy kouple.

Random 099 My attempt at Marilyn lips.  FAIL.

Random 115

I attempted Marilyn lips all night while my sister made crazy eyes behind me.  We truly are a functional family, I promise.

Random 105 Mi mamacita and moi.

Random 107 The girls.  Hotness.

Random 108 Joe’s flippers.  They own me.  Seriously. 

Random 135My dad playing the drums (sorry it’s so dark, I didn’t have my flash with me).

Random 157 My mom and Joe singing Happy Birthday to my dad.  Yep, he’s a Halloween baby. 

So, all in all, it was a fun Halloween.  I loved Trick-or-Treating with my child. It was great to dress up as someone who is, quite honestly, my complete opposite.  It was fun hanging out with family and friends.  I’m looking forward to next year and already thinking about potential costumes that 1) aren’t slutty and 2) cover my hairy knees!

How was your Halloween?


Jennifer said...

Love the little moo cow.

And, um, if you are in the market to sell your glamorous costume, I'd love to buy it. I, too, hate shaving my legs above the knee.

Karen said...

Anna looked adorable, I can't believe some said "he looked like a Dalmatian." Lovely!!!


Gina said...

Such cute pics!

Angela said...

Great pics- Anna was precious and you looked hot!

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