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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love the fishes ‘cause they’re so delicious.

I love Goldfish, but not because they taste good.  No, they are actually quite disgusting.  There’s nothing better than powdered imitation cheese flavor on a crispy wafer.  I still buy them for Anna, though.  She loves them.  She eats them.  And when your child will only eat a handful of things, you do what you’ve gotta do (I’m sure moms of picky eaters will agree).  Plus, they’re portable.  Running to Target?  Get a bag of Goldfish to keep Anna amused.  Going out to eat?  Throw some fish on her mat, she’ll be entertained for at least 3 minutes.  Need a quick snack to keep a gnarly toddler entertained while you’re cooking dinner (ahem, throwing dinner in the microwave)? Fill a snack bowl with Goldfish. So, yes, I love Goldfish. 

There are times, however, where my love for Goldfish wanes.  Take last night, for example.  My child wouldn’t eat the lasagna that Stouffer’s so lovingly toiled over, so I gave her the bag of Goldfish to snack on while I put on my thinking cap to try to figure out what to feed this picky little girl.  I hadn’t been out of the room longer than, say, 1 minute, when I came back in to this monstrosity.  Goldfish, goldfish, goldfish everywhere!  Anna decided to open the Goldfish bag and sprinkle the fish love all around my living room.  It was a Goodfish Gone Wild moment in my house, and of course I had to capture it all on camera!

April 2010 024See the orange bits on the floor?  Yep, Goldfish.  

April 2010 027Aww, how sweet, she wants to share.  

April 2010 026If it looks like she’s screaming in this picture, that’s because she is.  She thinks it’s hilarious.  We secretly did, too. 

April 2010 030Here she proudly stands next to the rest of the evidence. 

And let me be the first to apologize for my child’s lack of pants.  I just realized this as I was posting these pictures.  You see, when she stays home with dad, he can’t be bothered with putting pants back on her after diaper changes. 

So, there ya have it – a little look into my imperfect and crazy life. 


Marcia said...

LMAO - I have many pictures with similar "spills" and similarly pants free. Ahhh... sweet toddler freedom; aren't we all secretly jealous? And hey, have you tried the parmesan goldfish? Instant hit here, and less "orange finger" evidence.

Andrea said...

These pictures remind me of a day in the life of our family- complete with the crazy diaper!

Chantal said...

O my goodness! My husband also doesn't bother with the pants after a diaper change. But I guess we are lucky that the men don't give up on their own pants after they go to the bathroom.

Dani Z said...

DZ loves to use his snacks as confetti. I really think you should be sent home from the hospital with a strong vacuum, instead of a diaper bag.

Gina said...

My son not only purposely dumps the fish on the ground, he also love to grind them into the carpets by stepping on them!

CourtneyKeb said...

Haha thank God for those crumby gold fish, eh?

We do this daily with cheerios. She'll eat a few and then throw them all over the place, only we have a big dog to come behind her and take care of any messes from them ;)

I love your header, and your hubby sportin' dem Saints!
We're in South Louisiana, and we're big fans!

Lacey said...

Great post! I think every mom can relate to your love of Goldfish. They're just so damn practical!

...and yes, my husband opts out of pants all the time too.

Tamara said...

LMAO @ goldfish gone wild!

HarmSkills said...

totally one of the few foods my son will eat. we like baby goldfish and the veggie ones

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Hey, at least she's not nekky!
I love goldfish too but I can't buy those colored ones. Colors that bright in food terrify me.
BUT...have you tried the parmasan flavored kind? YUM.

Mrs E said...

Pants?? What's that?

And our food of choice for floor sprinkling is Cheerios!

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