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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little bigfoot.

It’s inevitable that my child will have big feet.  My feet are big because they have to be, this is the way God intended it for tall giants like myself.  It wouldn’t make much sense to be 5’9” with size 5 feet, now would it?  This is what I tell myself when I feel like I’m walking around on boats.  So, it came as a big surprise when my child’s feet were super tiny until she was about 1 year old.  She was still wearing newborn shoes when she was 9 months.  Then, literally overnight, her feet exploded into the ginormous beasts that they are today.

It’s a good thing I’m a frugal bastard and decided to buy the majority of her shoes from the local consignment store.  She only got to wear many of them just once or twice.  Stride Rite be damned! 

Her newest obsession is wearing our shoes.  I guess she’s just trying to get used to her inevitable future of big footedness.  What’s sad is that the girl can actually walk perfectly in our shoes - I’m not sure if I should be proud or scared.  I’m a little bit of both, to be honest.  Always looking for more photo ops, I was finally able to capture one of her shoe fetish moments on camera. 

April 2010 - Easter 152 Here she is wearing a pair of my size 9 flip-flops!  And managing to stand AND walk in them.
April 2010 - Easter 153 April 2010 - Easter 154 April 2010 - Easter 155


Meg said...

That is insanely adorable! E likes to wear my shoes, but she hasn't managed to walk in them yet.

Jennifer said...

Um, if Anna is ever missing from her crib - it's because I've come to take her away and be my triplet. She's too stinking cute.

Amy B said...

I don't think it's fair that you go on-and-on about how you have big feet when you wear a size 9! I'm 5'-9" and wear an 11!

Anna is super cute as always!

I'm Molly said...

Hehehe, Landon puts on my heels sometimes. It's so funny!

Bella Mia Bows & Things said...

so cute!

i caught gabby wearing my uggs one adorable! my husband didnt think so as he was less than thrilled at the thought of having to buy another pair of uggs for a female in this house. LOL

AudreyGolightly said...

Hey we're height twinsies! Except I wear a size 8. He he.
Nicholas is in a size 11 already, don't feel bad about Anna's feet.

The Mrs said...

First, your daughter is adorable...and obviously very talented. Second, you are not wearing boats. I'm 5'7" and I wear 11's. I have skis for feet. Enjoy your size 9's!

Chantal said...

So cute! Did she know how to put the thong between her toes and everything? What a smarty-pants!

One Pork Chop said...

@Chantal - Well, I'd be lying if I said she put the shoes on correctly. She actually had the thong on between her "roast beef" piggy and "had none" piggy. I had to fix them for her.

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