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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kindred spirits.

Much like Anne and Diana in Anne of Green Gables, my own little Anna Kate has her own real life kindred spirit.  Her name is Kadence, and she’s seriously the cutest little girl on earth (besides my own child, of course).  Kadence also has a cool mom, so I rather enjoy it when we join our two little girls together – we can have mommy conversations and let our little ones wreak havoc on whatever location we’ve picked for that particular outing.  This time, we chose the children’s museum.  Since we’ve been there before, we knew there was lots of great stuff to do to keep the kids entertained (and keep us sane).  I love that there is an infant/toddler room where we can just turn the kids lose like a bunch of angry bulls.  It’s very therapeutic.  I highly recommend it!

Like a loser, I forgot my camera at home, but Myndee saved the day and took some great photos of our kids at play.

29137_1270963220163_1412342020_30647876_2748796_nThey were deeply engaged in some sort of babble speak at this point. 

29137_1270963260164_1412342020_30647877_7409998_nAnd then they got into a fight.  (Just kiddin)


Anna wants to brave the slide.  Kadence will cheer her on.

29137_1270963380167_1412342020_30647880_4156713_n I’m starting to get a lot of these slide shots lately.  I think my child is addicted to them. 

29137_1270965020208_1412342020_30647881_2616298_n Time to go shopping for dinner. 

29137_1270965140211_1412342020_30647884_3004053_nThat’s ok, baby, I wouldn’t know what to do with a red pepper either.  Oh, and I’m digging your Donald Trump comb over. 

29137_1270965060209_1412342020_30647882_8187953_n Anna decided she wanted corn and lobster.  Kadence is pondering some purple thing. Eggplant?

29137_1270966380242_1412342020_30647887_998218_nI honestly have no idea what is going on with Anna in this picture.  Did she chug that gallon of water and leave most of it in her mouth?  Bad plastic surgery?  Too much Botox?

29137_1270966460244_1412342020_30647889_5361381_n copy Bubble land!  This is where she had a melt-down and cut our museum trip a little short. 


But not before she stuffed her mouth full of Goldfish.  We all know how much she loves those things!


Liz said...

Hahah, I love the picture with the pepper. And, oh my gosh, the little Winn Dixie with the laminated grocery lists... and the buble station. That sends me waaay back.

cooperl788 said...

That looks like such a fun trip! We're hoping to take G to our children's museum this summer, once it gets too hot in our non-AC house. Their toddler room is not nearly as cool though.

Meg said...

The Anne of Green Gables reference just made me fall in love with you a little bit.

Myndee said...

Awww!! I cannot believe how much cuter the pictures are with your captions!! :)

Caroline said...

sooo jealous! a playdate w/those two adorably gorgeous girlies and they're amazing moms would be the best!!!

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