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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dirty chicken.

Since the Saints returned last night for their pre-season opener, what better way to celebrate the beginning of football season than with a plate full of fried chicken.

That’s exactly what we did. 

We ate chicken.  We laughed.  We cried.  It was glorious.

Anna, being the most helpful little child on the planet, offered to take my plate of half eaten chicken into the kitchen.  I politely asked her to throw the chicken into the trash can.  She loves throwing things away.  Thank GOD she takes after me in this respect.

So, I wait patiently for her to return.  30 seconds goes by, no Anna.

I trek into the kitchen and find Anna sitting on the floor.  Her back was turned to me at the time, so I had to walk around to see what she was doing.

What was she doing?

Eating the half-eaten piece of chicken with a spoon.

She has figured out how to open the utensil drawer and grab out whatever utensil she wants to use.  For this feat, she chose a spoon. 

Sometimes you just have to go with it, people.  She’s creative. 


Sippy Cup Mom said...

LOL! But where are the pictures? ;-)

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

LOL! I have a picture somewhere of my friend's little sister (I think she was 2 at the time) hiding behind the couch with a Popeye's drumstick in one hand and side of red beans in the other. Too funny!

Mrs E said...

haha too funny!
yeah, I would have LOVED to see a pic of her chowing down on the chicken!

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