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Friday, October 8, 2010

Kissing cousins.

My nephew Jackson got a little fresh with Anna at his 4 month photo shoot, but it was all in fun, and the pictures of them turned out so precious.  I had to share!

And, yes, I realize that Anna wears this outfit in almost every photo I post on here.  It’s quite embarrassing once I realized just how much I put her in this outfit.  Oh well, she looks cute in it, so bite me.  ;)


Jackson is getting fresh.  Anna is shocked.

IMG_9888 IMG_9903 Anna was like, you better step away little dude!


Now Anna is getting fresh. 


What is Anna looking at, you might ask?  Well, a dog.  A huge dog.  A dog whose ass was prominently featured in this photo.  Thanks to a little PhotoShopping, one would never know.  Well, now all of you know because I have a big mouth. 
 IMG_9884 Yep, the dog ass was still there.

IMG_9885 copy The dog ass is finally gone. 


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