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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My goals and a re-cap.

Here was my goal for the month of October:

Write a blog every single day.

We’re on day 5 and nada. 

I should aim lower in life.  Like maybe write one blog entry for the entire month – that seems more logical and do-able.

I have lots to talk about, lots of videos and pictures to post yet I never find the time and/or desire to blog.  I’m in a rut, and I hate being this way.  I love my blog, and I look forward to the day when Anna is old enough to read it and can read stories about herself and laugh at the embarrassing photos I post of her.  Or cry.  My guess is she’ll cry.  This is why:

Blackmail photo 1:  Too much egg nog.
December 2009 059_thumb[1]
Blackmail photo 2: Fork in socket.


Blackmail photo 3: One of these things is not like the other.

Blackmail photo 4: I don’t want no stinkin’ peas.

So, as I mentioned in my last entry, I managed to make it safely to Fort Myers, Florida for my girls’ weekend get together.  I had an absolute blast!  However, I think my proudest accomplishment besides getting down with Grandma Moses and the Mosettes (I’ll explain in a minute), is that I was able to conquer my fear of flying.  By the end of my vacation, I was a flying pro.  I didn’t even feel the need to drink copious amounts of alcohol by the last flight.  We took off and landed, and the entire time I was deeply engaged in my copy of OK Magazine. 

I actually can’t wait to fly again.  This, my friends, is miraculous. 

So, here’s Ft. Myers, FL.  Stunning, ain’t it?

60123_668477099833_46207343_37069870_7430101_n 60388_668476715603_46207343_37069864_5610333_n

View from the condo.

5034549779_1afec499dd Just chilling out the first night in the condo.  It was so great to be together again.

The next day we waited for Lisa and Marcia to arrive.  While Beth and Kelly were on their way to pick them up, we scurried around the condo decorating for Beth’s “21st” birthday.

59748_668477429173_46207343_37069875_5654969_n  5034591841_69e2a66b9f Both Beth and her noodle were very surprised!

We spent the rest of the day just catching up and chilling by the pool.  We didn’t take too many pictures because we all had a “Don’t take any photos of us in bathing suits” clause. 

10 of us had to get ready in a 2 bathroom/2 bedroom condo, and we somehow miraculously were able to get out of the condo in time to go out and have a fun night out.

Here we are looking our best:



Here we are at the restaurant right before we started dancing with the Grandma and Grandpa Moses crew.  They were quite amazing!


See the elderly lady in the blue?  She was in her late 70s/early 80s and she could drop it like it’s hot.  True story.  She danced with us the entire night. 

Untitled-15 PSA:  I like the tambourine.  Everywhere we go, I always manage to find one and play it.  It’s just a little thing I do.


Dusty is holding my leg while I do the Elaine.  I have taught Anna this dance.  She has perfected it. 

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Beth, and the singer decided to play a little Sweet Home, Alabama for her.  Perfection!

You can clearly see Grandma in this clip.  I just loved her.

After we danced our little hearts out, we tried some other places, but nothing was as fun as that little restaurant.

We headed to the beach where there was a frat party.  Little did these people know that half of us could probably be these kids’ parents.  Well, that is if we lived in Jerry Springer land.  Anyway, boy did we feel out of place, but it was fun being around the young folk again.

Some random fire guy wanted to use me as his human torch.  I obliged ‘cause I’m fun like that.


Why do I always attract guys who like to play with fire?

So, being the wild and crazy girls we are, we all decided to turn in after the blazin’ beach party.  We were all up way past our bedtime. 

The next day we went to Sanibel Island and spent the entire day in the gulf.  Although the water was a little murky, it was still beautiful, and I didn’t feel one nasty thing touch my leg the entire time.  That’s comforting to me.

We even saw a school? of dolphins (bunch, group, litter) very close to where we were swimming.  I’d just watched a show about how dolphins can be aggressive, so I really wanted to power swim to the shore, but I put on a brave face and managed to stay in the water.


Here we are on our way into the beach area.  We were all sweltering hot and didn’t want to take the photo, but now we’re all glad we did b/c it turned out cute!

As I mentioned before, our beach pictures are limited due to our no camera clause, so just use your imaginations.  We’re all Victoria’s Secret models with bangin’ bods! 

That night we watched the Auburn/Clemson game and just chilled around the condo.  The next morning we got up early to get ready to go home.  It was a bummer that we had to leave since we had such an amazing time, but we all know that we’ll meet again soon. 

And that’s my trip! 

And I’m proud that I finally wrote a blog entry.

And I hope that at least one person reads this.

And goodbye.


Jennifer said...

You need to post more because you make me laugh my ass off, woman

Caroline said...

awww! i LOVE that you have such an awesome group of girl besties. ok, and i'll admit it. i'm super jealous!

oh and YAY for flying!!!

Anonymous said...

I read everything you post & Check everyday for anything new! Please write more. I'm from Maldives. (Look into the map, I'm really located in nowhere in the middle of nowhere) I love your blog & I love Anna. Just to let you know there are people who love to read your blog far far away in nowhere!!
Thanks for the time

Liz said...

You always post such a good blog...
Happy you had such a great time on vacation, I would have been like Grandma and dance with y'all too... LOL!!!

Whitney said...

Squeee! I'm so excited, we leave for Ft. Myer's Beach this Saturday... can't wait! Love the dancing pics! Where were you? It looks a little like the bar area of the Fish House, but I'm not sure.

One Pork Chop said...

@ Emm - so glad you like the blog! I do believe you're my farthest reader (at least from the readers who have contacted me or posted comments).

Whitney - I'm really not sure what the name was, it was one of the first places on the main strip there. Our cab dropped us off, and we went right in. They seated us by the singers probably b/c they suspected we were crazy. Whatever it was, the food and atmosphere were fantastic!

One Pork Chop said...

Oh, and have fun in Ft. Myers!

Mrs E said...

I am one person... and I read this!

Whitney said...

LOL at suspecting crazy :) And thank you, I'm sure we will!

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