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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A special surprise.

Back in September of this year, Anna christened her toilet.  Since then, she has not had a repeat performance.  That’s OK, though – I’ll let her decide when she’s ready to really potty train.  She is more aware of her bodily functions now and will tell me when she pees and poops, so I know it’s just a matter of time.

And I’m sure all of you are just thrilled that I shared that tiny little tidbit of my child’s life.

So, in line with the thinking that Anna is more aware of what the toilet is and what goes into it, I walked into the bathroom the other day and found this:

doll Disclaimer: I added the black bars because Anna’s doll is very modest and would not appreciate having her plastic parts displayed all over the Interwebs.

I think Anna’s doll is more ready than she is.  And more limber.

Oh, and her newest favorite game is taking off her diaper and putting various toys into the diaper.  Today’s toy of choice – a 2 inch cow.

IMG_9582 IMG_9584 IMG_9590


The Martha Complex said...


When mine was younger she refused to potty trained. She would bring me a diaper & lie down whenever she needed to be changed without me even checking. I finally had enough and stopped forcing. It seemed like right after that she started on her own. :)

Your daughter is precious!

Lindsey said...

The title of this post got me all excited for an announcement that never came!! Darn! Maybe next time : )

One Pork Chop said...

Lindsey - is youz crazy?!

No, no, no! Let's hope the only surprise we get is a winning lottery ticket!

Then I can maybe make another announcement about a sweeter surprise. :)

Lindsey said...

Hahahaha....nah. Just thought you might be thinking about giving Anna and Jackson another playmate : )

I'll send good vibes for the winning lottery ticket to be yours!

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha. love the cow.

Myn and Lu said...

Too cute!! Kadence likes to "change diaper" of every baby doll she owns. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see another new post!!
But its not enough for me (Of course , who can get enough of that cuttie Anna?) So anyways , Hahaha & maybe this is a surprise but you are the mommy I'm trying to be!!!

Anonymous said...

No new post again!! I hope everything's Okey..

One Pork Chop said...

Hey Em -

No worries, everything is A-OK. I've been SUPER busy on a very special surprise that I'll be announcing on my blog shortly. Please stay tuned.

And, no, I'm not pregnant. ;)

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