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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sit up or shut up.

While giving Anna a bath tonight, I look over at the RNP sleeper and see my son sitting up completely on his own.  He just sat there staring at us like some little baby creeper.  Of course I had my phone within grabbing distance and got a quick shot.  Then I had to capture it in a milestone picture because I’m an awesome mom like that.

Oh, and there’s a hurricane that just made landfall, so you can clearly see my priorities are set right.  Bunker down?  Nah, I’ll just take photos of my kids. 


Kass said...

Way to go J!!!!! Your time with the RnP may be numbered now. We got Rebecca to 6mos in it. Then she started to push herself down and I came in one morning and her feet were hanging off. Into the crib she went.

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