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Friday, June 4, 2010



As promised, I’m going to share my sister’s birth story with all of you (she gave me permission).  Since I got to take part in the whole process, I figured I’d post about it on here (for memory’s sake).  Here goes!

I get a text message from my sister at 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, May 13.  Unfortunately, I’m a loser and deleted it from my phone by accident, but it basically said that she was in labor and on the way to the hospital.  I called her immediately to confirm.  She said her bag of water had broken, and she was having steady contractions, very close together.  She was only a little over 37 weeks at the time, so none of us were expecting Jackson to arrive so early.  Then again, Anna was impatient, too, so it all was eerily similar. 

I started running around my house like a mad woman (just like I did the morning I went into labor).  I was throwing stuff in a suitcase and hurriedly getting ready.  My sister lives an hour away from me, and her hospital was an hour away from that, so I still had 2 hours of driving to do.  Since her contractions were timing so close together, I was in panic mode that I wouldn’t be there in time. 

Fortunately, Joe was off of work that day, so he stayed home to watch Anna.  I drove as quickly as I could without getting arrested and picked my mom up from her house.  Then we made the hour long trip to the hospital.  It was the longest drive ever!

We finally arrive at the hospital and run like mad women to my sister’s labor room.  The hospital was HUGE and terribly confusing, so we spent a good 15 minutes just trying to find her room.  By the time we got there, she was in the midst of contraction hell, and I could tell by the look on her face that an Epidural wasn’t far off.

May 2010 122

Niki in the midst of a contraction.  Poor thing! May 2010 123 Trent was a great labor partner!

My poor sister never really got a break with the contractions.  She had one contraction on top of another.  Later we would find out that’s because she was dilating at the speed of light.  She basically went from finger-tip dilation to 6 cm within a two hour span.  So, yeah, she’s pretty darn strong and awesome to deal with that intense amount of pain before begging for an epidural. 

There was a tense moment before she got an epidural.  Jackson’s heart rate kept dipping pretty low everytime she’d have a contraction.  The OB on call kept coming into the room to get my sister to change positions.  She finally decided to do a fluid immersion since she could tell that Jackson was pressing down hard on my sister’s pelvic bone.  Since her bag of water had broken earlier that morning and she was contracting so quickly, they wanted to give him a little padding in utero until he made his grand entrance into the world.  Once they did the immersion, his heart rate never dipped again.  Good thinking, Dr!

May 2010 127

Ahh, sweet relief!  She’s finally getting an epidural.  Since they didn’t give her fluids when she first got there, she had to wait until an entire saline ringer bag of fluid was drained out.  We each sat there watching it with nervous anticipation.  I kept thinking to myself – HURRY THE HELL UP!

May 2010 128 MUCH better now! May 2010 137 Now we can take a family photo – me, Niki, mom

Even after she was given the epidural, she kept progressing very quickly.  Each time they would check her, she had dilated at least a centimeter.  It was pretty amazing considering this is her first child. 

May 2010 136 Her good friend Christy came by to visit. May 2010 138 L to R: Jessica (Niki’s sister-in-law), Stephanie (mother-in-law), Ray (father-in-law), Noah (Jessica’s son, Niki’s nephew), Trent (hub)

The nurse comes in after a while and tells us that Niki is ready.  We all stood around looking at each other completely dumb founded.  Didn’t we just get here?!  She went into labor around 4:45 that morning, and here it is 11 a.m., and she’s 10 cm and ready to be a mom.  Wow! 

So, they wheel in the baby incubator cart thing (sorry I don't know the technical name for it), and we all get super excited that we’re about to meet Jackson for the first time! May 2010 132
Then the nurse comes in and starts doing the test pushes with my sister.  Jackson had basically dropped to the lowest point at this time, so we didn’t think it was going to take much to get him out.  May 2010 142 Starting the test pushes.  May 2010 147 Now it’s time to really push!  He’s almost here!

All told, my sister pushed for about 45 minutes.  It was tough, but she pushed through, and at 12:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 13, 2010, Jackson Trent was born into this world! 
 May 2010 151

May 2010 156

The proud parents setting their sights on Jackson for the first time. May 2010 157

May 2010 159 Mimi looking @ Jackson for the first time. May 2010 162 Daddy cutting the cord!

May 2010 169The first time Niki gets to hold her son.  May 2010 181 Time for a clean up. May 2010 188 Jackson was having a hard time breathing, so they gave him some O2.  May 2010 192 Teeny baby!  5 lbs. 13.5 oz.  May 2010 196 Trent finally gets to hold his son. May 2010 203 May 2010 202 May 2010 205 May 2010 208 He’s a pro already!May 2010 212 First family photo. May 2010 214 May 2010 217 Since Jackson was having a hard time breathing, they wanted to keep him in the nursery.  Trent never left his side. May 2010 220 The first time Mimi got to hold Jackson. May 2010 226 Time for a bath! May 2010 231 He was not a happy camper. May 2010 237 May 2010 256 May 2010 259 All clean now. May 2010 264 Jackson in his first onesie. May 2010 053 The first time Jackson’s maternal great grandparents got to hold him and see him.  May 2010 263 The first time Jackson’s paternal great grandparents got to hold him.May 2010 058Jackson and Paw Paw Jeff. 

May 2010 273 Jackson and his favorite Auntie. May 2010 059 First Dr. visit. May 2010 064 First diaper change – it’s a family affair. May 2010 066 Jackson snuggling with his beautiful mom. May 2010 277 The proud parents are finally home. May 2010 282 Jackson’s reaction when he sees his new home! May 2010 291

Snug as a bug his first night at home.

So, all in all, it was an incredible and beautiful experience for everyone.  I’m so honored that my sister allowed me to take part in such a special event.  Words cannot express how amazing it was to see my little nephew take his first breath of air.  I love you, Jackson.  Welcome to our wonderful (and crazy) lil’ family. 

If you’ve made it this far, hang in there a few more seconds.  Below are his newborn pictures.  He was the perfect little model!


Lacy said...

He is gorgeous.. How exciting thank you for sharing.. Congrats to you all..


Jenna said...

Aww, you did a great job of documenting everything! And I'm a little jealous of her short labor! ;)

Victoria said...

you have such a gorgeous family!

Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

cooperl788 said...

What a great birth story! You did a great job documenting such a special day. I love the newborn pics with his loving family, which was something my hubs and I forgot to do in the hospital. I'm sure your sister will treasure those photos.

HarmSkills said...

so cute! and your sister looks amazing!

KellieBelle said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!!!

Caroline said...

he's so precious! how lovely that you got to be a part of his birth. what a wonderful experience. congrats to your family!

OhioFamOf4 said...

I don't feel so bad now that I wore makeup to both of my deliveries. Although mine were scheduled so I could prepare. Your sister did great getting all fancied up that early in the morning while in labor. And I'm always amazed at how young your mom looks when you post pictures of her. Glad she let you share in the special day!

Tamara said...

What a beautiful birth story! Nicolle looks AMAZING, seriously, who looks that good WHILE in labor! Jackson is a sweet boy who is lucky to have such a wonderful close-knit family!

DpotE Family said...

Congrats Auntie and to your Sister! Being a Mommy is so amazing. Your family makes beautiful babies. :)

Carla said...

What a beautiful birth story! You did a great job of documenting everything, Nat! Big congrats to your sister and family!

AudreyGolightly said...

What a great story! You have a beautiful family. Jackson is adorable and his favorite auntie is just so awesome! ;)

Mungee's Ma said...

What a beautiful story! And your sister looks absolutely amazing for just having given birth! I can assure you, I looked nothing like that :)

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