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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Men are blind.

On the days I work from home, I usually spend a lot of my time trying to wrangle a cranky almost 2 year old.  There’s only so much Yo Gabba Gabba she can watch before she gets fidgety.  So, it’s extra nice when Joe has the day off or doesn’t have to go into work until the evening.  I point Anna in his direction and close my office door.  Ahh, peace and quiet. 

Sometimes peace and quiet isn’t a good thing.  Moms, you know what I mean.  Picture it, your house, 2010, your child is in another room while you’re typing away on your laptop.  You think to yourself, ::self, I haven’t heard my child say anything, make a noise or cry for the past X minutes, what gives?::  You go into the room where you last saw your child hoping and praying that s/he’s quietly reading Beowulf while simultaneously brushing up on his/her language skills with a recorded copy of Rosetta Stone.  Instead, you find this:

June 2010 003 June 2010 001

June 2010 004

Anna has decided to utilize our stove glass as her newest chalkboard.  The good news is that she used bathtub crayons, so this was easily fixed.  Just think it she’d gotten into that open tub of paint that we’d left lying around in her room.

(Just kidding about the tub of paint – just making sure you were paying attention.)

What makes this even more unique is that her father was supervising this whole thing.  He pushed those bathtub crayons on her and told her to go to town.  So, I decided to write psycho in graffiti on our oven as an ode to my husband and his amazing ability to keep our child quiet.

I also drew a flower.  Anna wrote her own name.  She’s a genius.

(Kidding about that, too – still here?)



Anywho, to be honest, this is super fun, and super easy to clean, so now it’s an activity that we will do often in our house.  Hey, it’s only a house, it’s not a museum.  We have fun here, and that’s always how it will be. 


The Martha Complex said...

When my daughter was 3 she took a Sharpie and used every cushion on the couch as her easel. When we found her she spread her arms and said "ta-da." She was so proud of herself it was hard to be mad.

And FYI- Brake-kleen gets sharpies stains off of fabric. :)

Stephanie J. said...

Anytime it gets quiet in my house I go investigating. Constant noise doesn't disturb my work, but eerie quiet gets my attention.

Heidi Jane Blankets said...

Did she turn on the oven light too? It's so cute to see them being creative, even though you clean up the mess :) I love this curious age.

Jennifer said...

Hehe, just hope she doesn't get a hold of anything permanent :)

MamaB said...

TOO cute! Don't let her find your finger nail polish :)

MSLibLady said...

We used sidewalk chalk today in the pool to color on the bottom. Whatever works!

Hannah said...

Too funny, I don't think I could introduce this to my boys, they would start trying to draw on everything all the time LOL. Great pictures! I am a new follower, your blog is great!

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