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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chimney sweeper.

This is why I don’t have white furniture in my house. 

May 2010 021Anna decided to test out her chimney sweeping skills that day and play in the old soot in our fireplace. 

May 2010 023

Mommy, hold my hand.

May 2010 025

I’ll just lick it off.  No biggie.

May 2010 027

This is what Anna looks like when she says, “EWWWW.”

Also, does anyone recognize this “shirt”? 

We like to re-purpose things in my house.  All of Anna’s old dresses are now her shirts.  I love being a cheap bastard! 


Jill said...

OMG, she's just hilarious and your commentary is priceless.

Love it!

Can't believe she licked it!

Oh and love the re-use of the dress.

Jennifer said...

Hehe, I'm a cheap bastard, too

lena said...

My girls winter leggings have become her now summer capris. Love that side eye!

Jen said...

We do this too! Pants that fit when he was tiny in the winter are now manpris for the summer!

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