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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picture of the week – Caption Wanted.

So, I’ve decided to start posting random pictures every week. That’s my job. Your job is to help me come up with something pretty and witty and gay to caption beneath the picture. BTW, that was a throwback to an old song, so don’t be gettin’ all PC on me here.

Who is up for the challenge? Better yet, who reads my blog? I'm challenging you to not only post a witty caption for the picture below, but to also introduce yourself in the comments section. I love "e-meeting" new bloggers, so come out of hiding. I know you're out there - SiteMeter tells me so. I'm scared only one person is going to post, so I'm really going out on a limb here. Can I count on you to let me know who you are?

I'm totally stealing this from my good friend Mandie, btw.

So, here's the picture to be captioned this week. Once again, Anna was caught looking at herself. My, my, my. Whomever (whoever?) comes up with the wittiest caption will be mentioned in my next blog post, so think hard, k? ;)



LittleT said...

"oh Anna, you're so yummy I could just eat you. Bebeh, get in ma belleh"

Erin (and Teagan) here. You are hilarious! And you love Dave Matthews which makes you all right in my book. I just had a "date" with him Tuesday night in Syracuse, by the way!

The Barron's said...

I am totally not good with wordy phrases... but, I wanted to introduce myself. I am a nestie. I remember you from the "Your home" board. I love reading your blog. Your daughter is so adorable.

Jennifer said...

"Anna likey - Anna taste gooood"

Anonymous said...

"No photos! No photos!" Celebs need to be prepared for all eventualities.

(My blog is private, but I'm open to inviting new readers once I get to know them somewhat.)

Berg said...

"Warning: objects in mirror are as vain as they appear"

Maybe a better one will hit me later...

halfofvamh_allison said...

"Is there something in my eye?"

"I feel like someone in behind me, someone big and floppy. Canine like almost."

Wow, these arent funny at all.


Jeremi said...

'If I can't see Mom with her camera, maybe she can't see me either. But this baby I'm looking at sure is cute!'

Hey there, I've been checking your blog for a bit and always find your writing to be fun and funny. And Anna is just simply adorable. I'm Jeremi, mom to Ella and Zoe (3 years old). I mostly post pics and tell stories that way on my blog, I'm too tired to be any more clever : )

ajb1982 said...

I'm ajb1982 from the bump. I don't post often, mostly I lurk on my phone and for some reason I haven't figured out to post on the mobile so you probably don't recognize my screen name. I found you blog through nbjenni's I think.

Whenever Brenna (my 9 mo old) looks at herself in a mirror my DH sings "You're so Vain, you probably think this song is about you…" Not such a funny caption but super funny when it happens at home.

Meg said...

"I KNOW this song is about me"

I found your blog through the bump, and I love it! Your monthly photo sessions are my favorite. I have a 5 month old daughter, and I blog about her at

Jeremy, Jennie & Jack said...

"Are you there, baby? It's me, Anna!"

I'm also on the nest and read your blog regularly. You're a great writer!

Erin said...

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest baby of them all...oh wait that's me!"


"Do I have a pimple, is that a pimple. I think its a pimple, let me look closer. Nope, nothing, I'm fine."

I have been reading your blog for a while and have posted a few times. I blog about my daughter Avery (8 months this Saturday) at

Mandy said...


How about "The closer it gets, the better I look!"

Mrs E said...

"I feel pretty...oh so pretty..." (caption must be sung....)

I'm mrse1107 from 6-12 mos nest board -- we went through all the tri boards together as well!

Jeremy said...

Anna: "So Wal-mart smilie face, are you really rolling back the prices?"

Walmart Smilie: "Must you be in my personal space when asking a question?"

Anna: "Seriously, Smilie keep the attitude to yourself, I just want to be sure I got the lowest price possible for this stuffed dog here behind me?"

Javelin Rockford said...

Anna: "So Wal-mart smilie face, are you really rolling back the prices?"

Walmart Smilie: "Must you be in my personal space when asking a question?"

Anna: "Seriously, Smilie keep the attitude to yourself, I just want to be sure I got the lowest price possible for this stuffed dog here behind me?"

Karen said...

I am so not good at picking out banner's for my own blog!!! She is precious, perhaps, mirror, mirror, on the wall???

I remember you from the YNH days, your home was always one of my favs. Glad to see you are blogging now. Take care.

Karen (nestie karenandjeff)

Angie said...

Hi, I'm no good with captions but yours are always funny! I'm Angie, mom to Marley who is 8. Thanks for the laughs on your blog!


Grady said...

Is that a booger in my nose???

No need to introduce myself since you already know

~AllSmiles~ said...

"Mirror, mirror in my face..."

Beth said...

"Hey, I'm crazy Lemon Head. Lookatme! I have a lemon for a head. Isn't that BIZARRE??? Now gimme some candy!"

(any Adam Sandler fan will get that one. Others will just stare at their computer screen and go Heh?)

Lyndsay said...

I'm not that creative, but I vote for Berg's comment. Very funny!

You know me from the bump, at least I hope. :)

*Amy* said...

"Is that a tooth coming in?!?! Let me look a little closer!"

I'm rainey822 from the nest, mostly a lurker :)

Come visit my blog, I mostly just post pictures. My son, Caden, is 10 months old :)

mandie lane said...

"Anna practices her Steinmart smile."

Okay, that's more of an inside joke than a funny caption. But just wanted to say holaaaa!

Jen said...

I don't have a clever caption and it looks like you got enough great responses anyway (holy responses!! you have a lot of blog followers!!)
but I just wanted to say what a cutie she is!! :)

Heather said...

"It's been a bad day, please don't take my picture". Totally stolen from REM.

Lee and Suze said...

Lack of sleep is blocking all of my wit, but I just wanted to say that your blog is great. Our daughters are close to the same age, so it's fun to see what other babies are doing!

KT said...

Look ma--I'm the sun!

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