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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a PedEgg.

When people ask me what I want for Christmas every year, I'm left standing there like der, um, der. Heck if I know? The last time I actually bought something for myself - well, I can't even comment on that because I honestly don't remember. So, when I throw out practical gifts like PedEggs and Swiffer mops, don't stare at me all crazy like. I don't care about jewelry. I don't care about expensive purses, ahem handbags. I don't care about shoes or clothes or anything else that people think I should care about. All I care about is you spending your hard-earned dollars wisely. If that means I'd like a $10 PedEgg to make my skin so soft or a $15 Swiffer mop to make my floors so shiny, by all means, please go to your local Walgreens and throw it in the cart. I'm not joking. I'm not trying to be witty or funny. That's really what I want.

My husband, bless his heart, has this idea in his head that all women, even me, really want more. So, if I say, "No, honey, I don't want that Coach purse. My $10 Target special is just fine." He thinks I really mean, "If you loved me, you would spend $500 on the Coach purse and throw in a matching wallet for extra brownie points." I'm not that girl. When I say I want a $10 Target purse, I really want a $10 Target purse. When I say I want a PedEgg, I really want a PedEgg.

You get the point.

So, Merry McFrugal Christmas to all. May your stockings be full of PedEggs and your homes fragrant with the sweet smell of Swiffer w/ Febreeze.

What is Santa bringing you this year?


Mandy said...

I hear ya girl - I'm exactly the same way! Now don't get me wrong, I did kind of like it when Dan spent $300 on me for Christmas one year, but when I saw that $200 purse marked down to $50 a month later, I couldn't help but think what we could have bought with that other $150. :) I sent Dan a link to a $3 necklace on Etsy the other day. Now that's my kind of gift!

Jessica said...

Can I say that I actually HAVE a PedEgg and have used it once. It is actually quite disgusting! haha

Jennifer said...

Just in case your hubby buys you an unwanted Coach purse - I'll give you my address to send it my way :)

One Pork Chop said...

Trust me, all we could afford this year is a knockoff Roach purse. No Coach purses in my future.

HG said...

I'm with ya too! I don't know what the obsession with coach is and why the men-folk think we really want one. The husband risked life and limb during a business trip in NYC going to a shady part of Chinatown to get me a knockoff coach purse. AND it was ugly as sin... but I felt guilted into it. I much prefer my $6 payless purse!

This year I want a new set of measuring cups. The toddler has lost my 1/3 cup and 3/4 cup.

Let us know if the pedegg is worth it! :)

Berg said...

I feel the same way! My mom always wants to take me shopping at the mall, but all I want is Target. I would rather have a $20 pair of shoes from Target than a $200 pair that I will immediately step in mud with at recess.

OhioFamOf4 said...

Reminds me of the first year I was married and I really wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer. My husband said he wouldn't buy me one because if you get your wife kitchen gadgets it means you expect her to work all the time. I was like, no, I really WANT to bake, it's not bad to get your wife an appliance if she ASKS for it.

Now that we have kids and can't afford gifts like that for each other, I've learned to enjoy some slipper socks and stocking stuffers, lol.

Oh, and the ped egg is awesome. I love mine!

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