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Saturday, December 12, 2009

America’s Most Wanted.

My child’s newest obsession is emptying drawers and cabinets.  It doesn’t matter what’s inside the drawer or cabinet – my child will make sure it’s removed and scattered in random spots around the house so I can’t find it when I need it. 

The other day while cleaning cat puke off of my carpet for the 100th time this week, I left my child in the safety of her room. She could play while I cleaned up puke. Pretty fair deal, right?

I was gone no more than 1 minute and came back to the beautiful site below.

Admit into evidence: Exhibit A

Random 141In this photo, it is clear that the defendant, Miss Anna K, attacked the innocent burp cloths and bibs in drawer #2.  As evidenced in this photo, the aforementioned bibs and burp cloths are strewn about carelessly, leaving a huge mess for the plaintiff, Mrs. Natalie C., to clean. 

Admit into evidence: Exhibit B

Random 145

In this photo, the defendant, Miss Anna K, threw numerous burp cloths and bibs outside of her baby gated cage.  As evidenced with the “Mom – I am so not into green beans” bib, it is obvious this was a crime of passion given the defendant’s distaste for green beans and anything green, for that matter. 

Admit into evidence: Exhibit C

Random 150

In this photo, additional bibs and burp cloths were thrown carelessly into other areas of the home (the office).  The defendant, Miss Anna K, left no room untouched. 

Admit into evidence: Exhibit D


The defendant was caught red-handed during her destructive outburst.  Since the defendant is under-age, we are required to protect her identity.

Eh, what the heck - she's too cute to cover up!

Random 148

That’s a sippy cup cover for anyone who is wondering.  It does look a little weird, right?

Admit into evidence: Exhibit  E


Random 152

It’s obvious from this photo that the defendant shows no remorse for her actions.  Flipping around on a Boppy and giggling the entire time proves our case. 

We the jury find the defendant, Anna K, GUILTY in the case of State Vs. Anna K – bib/burp cloth vandal.  We hereby sentence Anna K. to a lifetime of hugs, kisses and tickles.

Case closed!


Kent said...

So funny, I love it!!

Mrs E said...

haha my guy enjoys emptying the contents of all drawers and cabinets as well.
ESPECIALLY when I'm trying to put away laundry. For every item of clothing I put away he pulls out 2-3.

Myndee said...

I'm not sure if she'll be like K, but after a few weeks of finding things strewn around the house, she started ::gasp:: putting said things BACK in their proper place! Along with things that don't belong, like Daddy's cell phone, I must admit. But it's still super cute. :)

Berg said...

She's such a badass! Teach her how to clean or she'll end up like me... a 24 year old who throws away 8 trashbags when cleaning her room and it's still messy

Carla said...

LOL! I so remember this stage. Well, really it's still happening at our house! =)

She's so cute Nat!

Madeline said...

I loved your blog! It's hilarious and true to life! You don't glam up being a mom. You don't show just the "perfect" side!
As a person contemplating being a mom....take you ofr being so honest!

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