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Monday, December 14, 2009

It's just another manic Monday.

And, yes, I wish it was Sunday.

'Cause that's my fun day.

Not really - I prefer Saturdays, but whatever.

So, Christmas is almost here. I've not bought one present. We're going the cheap route this year and just focusing on the season and not on the never-ending array of useless crap that people give and get. Call me Scrooge, but methinks many have lost the real focus of the season. It's just taken a recession to get that through our thick skulls.

Our recession-ish Christmas will be light on gifts but heavy on love. I may pick out a few things for my child. Some inexpensive and fun things. I can get away with inexpensive this year. Next year, maybe not. I better take advantage of the fact that my child prefers to play with the box and paper instead of the actual gift inside.

With that in mind, I need some suggestions. I'm leaning towards a little comfy chair she can sit in while she's watching the tele with us. Maybe a play kitchen so she can learn to cook for pa' and me. A play vacuum so I can further genderize my little girl. Something? Anything? I need suggestions, please. What are you getting your little ones for Christmas?

If you're Daddy Warbucks, no need to respond. I need cheap and fun, and I mean that in the most innocent and purest sense.


Jennifer said...

I know it isn't the cheapest, but that play kitchen on kid's today is suppper cute and comes with all the accessories. I only got it bc great grandmas sent money for me to buy gifts with :)

Ashley said...

Hi! I love your blog! I also think Anna is the cutest. We are in the same spot as far as Christmas goes. We don't have much to spend on gifts and she already has so many toys. My daughter Luci loves necklaces and bracelets. We got a multipack of necklaces at Claires (in the kids jewlery) for like $7. They are long and super fun for her. Also, she loves to kick the beach ball she has so we are going to get her some balls that are varying sizes. If you have trees in your yard or a place of a swing the step 2 swing is always fun. I think we are going to get that too. Hope that helped.

{katrina} said...

We're going light this year too. We just can't afford to buy everyone gifts.

Santa is bringing Addison a play kitchen a la Target. I honestly think I'm more excited about playing with it!

If you wanna go this route, check out this fab deal at WalMart! Too bad I had purchased the one from Target back in October. Bummer!

She's getting spoiled to the hill and back from family, so I don't feel too bad cheaping out on her this year! =o)

Berg said...

I'm a childrens' book junkie.. I'm a teacher so I'm allowed to be. If you ever need book suggestions for Anna, I'm here.

Kerri said...

I love your blog, I've never commented before but I have a 14 month old daughter and we got her a play kitchen from Costco, and we also got her this cardboard playhouse from Costco for $15.00, she can color on it and paint on it eventually. It has cute little cut outs of stars and a moon with windows and 2 doors. Good Luck!

Jeremy, Jennie & Jack said...

ABC/123 refrigerator magnets ($5 at TRU)

Educational (I use that loosely) placemats ($2-$3 at TRU)

Play food

Coloring book(s)(and/or huge sheets of paper) & fat crayons

Mr. Potato Head

Craigslist/thrift stores for good finds (I just found a (FP) big toddler fridge for $9 this weekend.)

maria said...

I love your blog and Anna is too cute!

My son lately has been loving the fisher price little people sets. He has an airplain and is getting a fire truck for christmas. I think it's age appropriate and while they are not super cheap, they are definitely not expensive.

Have a fantastic Christmas and thanks for providing such great entertainment.

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