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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grilled cheese.

This is what fell out of my car as I moved the seat back yesterday.  A grilled cheese.  A partially eaten grilled cheese that I was certain my child had eaten.  In addition to the grilled cheese, I found a sippy cup of spoiled milk, M&Ms that had been there for so long that they were no longer colored, partially eaten chicken nuggets, french fries, and pretty much every other disgusting thing on earth. 

All of it was in my car.

The car that I drive on a daily basis.

When did I allow myself to become so disgusting?  When did I throw in the towel and surrender to filth?  I used to make fun of people like me.  And now I could be the CEO and president of a filth club (I’m talking dirt people, minds out of the gutter).

I used to pride myself on cleanliness.  I spent every Friday afternoon detailing my car.  My closet, my room, my life was completely neat and orderly.  People always commented on my organizational skills.  I was a regular Martha Stewart.

Now I’m a regular Pig Pen.  That little air of filth follows me around everywhere I go, and her name is Anna Kate.  Anna Kate is the reason I have grilled cheese sandwiches falling out of my car.  Anna Kate is the reason that there are M&Ms growing fur in my car.  Anna Kate is why my carpets are so stained that I no longer know what color they really are.  Anna Kate is why I fall down on a daily basis because I tripped over some toy, shoe, doll, book, movie, article of clothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my child and know that all of this goes with the territory.  I don’t restrict her in my house, she can free play and enjoy herself.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I need to know how to find a good balance here. 

No room has been left untouched in my house.  Anna is an equal opportunity messer upper.  She loves to empty the contents of her room and spread them all around my house on a daily basis.  I pick up two pairs of shoes, she brings out three more pairs.  I pick up a book, 10 more books magically make their way out of her room.

This was all fine and dandy until she started using my car as a scientific petri dish of disgustingness.  Did you know that French fries don’t really deteriorate?  They just sit. 

I used to stay on top of keeping things clean, but I’ve somehow let the mess get out of control, and now I don’t know how to keep up.  It’s rather frustrating when you spend hours cleaning only to find your house in the exact same condition a few hours later.  Moms, how do you cope?  How do you keep up?  I can certainly tell you that a clean house and car does wonders for my emotional well-being.  Just imagine my angst to see a grilled cheese fall out of my car. 



Jennifer said...

I've given up all hope of ever entertaining at my house again.

Emily said...

I don't know how many sippy cups I've thrown away due to spoiled milk that I don't even want to touch. I always think I have them all at the end of the day, until a week later I find one hidden somewhere. We've resorted to only letting the living room and Icie's bedroom being free zones. Every other room in the house is only visited by Icie when she is completely supervised. It keeps me somewhat sane.

Melinda said...

we flipped our couches upside down to vacuum a couple weeks ago and found fruit snacks, cheerios, crackers, and toys that we thought were lost for good. gross!

Katie said...

I think it just comes with being a mom. Our number priority has changed to caring for a child and that is what is most important.

For us, Luckily we haev a basement again so 95% of her toys are down there. The only thing in her room are books and stuffed animals. Can you keep her to a "play room/area??" I know you said that you like her having "free roam" but sometimes you have to draw a line.

As for the car... can you vacuum it on a lunch break?? Whats is cost like $1.00 at one of those DIY places. I don't have one close to my work, but that was always my thought.

And for the house... well... that is a work in progress. I try to do at least 1 load of laundry a night. I clean up P's bathroom while she takes up bath. Sheets come off the beds every Friday/Saturday to be washed.

Just know you are not alone in this... after P got sick in the car 2 weeks ago, I too found french fries, cheerios, stickers, used wipes under her car seat. Fun times!

Mrs E said...

I found a wheat thin in my couch last night. I dont' remember when we last had wheat thins. I didn't find the missing car keys. But that wheat thin was there!

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