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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When buses bump.

I drive a bus.  Well, it pretty much feels like a bus when I’m backing out of tight-knit locations.  Hell, even when I’m backing out of huge, open parking lots with no other cars present.  Basically, I have mini-heart attacks every time I reverse in my car.  In the grand scale of SUVs, mine isn’t even one of the biggest behemoths, so I can’t even begin to imagine the mini-heart attacks those car owners feel on a daily basis.  Or maybe it’s just me.

I am 33 years old (in May), and besides a very small bumper bender when I first got my driver’s license, I’ve managed to avoid accidents and bumper benders the 17 years I’ve been driving. : bloodies knuckles from knocking on wood :

All of this ended this past Friday.  And it wasn’t even Friday the 13th.  My bus hit another bus.  Here’s how it went down.

I drive to the Reruns consignment sale to pick up my check and the remainder of Anna’s clothing that didn’t sell.

I get excited over my check (I got paid 70% of the final sale price on all of Anna’s clothes that sold).

I skip to my car singing a song.

I get in my car.

I back out.

My bus bumps into another bus.

I pee my pants a little.

Mini-heart attack.

Did that just really happen?

Surely she ran into me, right?


Disappointed smile

I stumbled into the facility to ask who owned the car.

Another woman who owned a similar car came out with me and was relieved it wasn’t hers.

Then I had to wait for the owner to come out.

She was Satan.

I was scared.

I peed my pants again.

I cried a little.

Satan and I exchanged information and went on our way. 

One quick call to Progressive insurance and I found out that I didn’t have to pay a dime.  The damage to my car was minimal, so I don’t have to make a claim for that.  The damage to her car is covered by liability.  Plus, I have small accident forgiveness, so hopefully no rate hikes.

However, now I’m driving around with a dented back door gate thingy.  Oh well, I just count my blessings that 1) no one was in the car 2) no one was outside of the car 3) the lady didn’t beat me up or cast an evil spell on me 4) I didn’t damage my car enough to make a claim and spend $500 on the deductible.  So, see, I can find the silver lining sometimes.

Share your accident stories to make me feel better and less like a tool.


Emily said...

I feel the exact same way about my SUV, and it's not even one of the biggest either. I've had one fender bender, a very very similar story. I cannot wait to switch to a smaller car soon. That's the plan for our next purchase then I can unclench my fists a bit too.

Pyjammy Pam said...

Mine is similar. I was pulling out of my very tight parking space at work and screeeeeee, heard the worst sound of my van scraping all the paint off of the corner of the car next to mine. And being at work, its not like they wouldn't have known exactly who did it. I felt so stupid!

Sara said...

I totalled my dad's car when I was 17. Totally my fault too. I hate car wrecks.

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