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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too many eggs in one basket.

Here’s part deux of Easter-palooza at Mimi’s house.  Last year Anna was a bit too young to participate in egg dyeing and egg hunting.  Although I had great visions of her running from tree to tree in search of a plastic egg or dipping hard boiled eggs into bright and colorful bowls of water, the reality would’ve been much different.  Cue tears, spilled bowls of water, undiscovered eggs to be left all year long with rotting candy contents.  You get the picture.

Now that Anna is full throttle into toddlerhood, she amazes me on a daily basis with her ability to think logically and participate in activities that require dexterity (ahem, egg dropping) and patience.  It makes a mama proud, yo.

Along with my sister and mother, Anna and I had our first egg dyeing session.  Since I lack artistic ability, my eggs looked like Crayola threw up on them.  My sister’s eggs were beautiful, and Anna’s eggs were just perfect.  I’m not biased.

eIMG_5161 Anna has no idea what’s going on.

eIMG_5167 Since we’re women, we read instructions.

eIMG_5171 Anna doesn’t care about instructions. 


eIMG_5179 The first egg gets dipped.

eIMG_5184 Dyeing eggs is serious business

eIMG_5203 Taking a snack break.

eIMG_5220eIMG_5224Anna with her favorite aunt.  That pacifier lying on the table, yep, it’s her aunt’s.  Anna is much too big to be taking a pacifier still.  :whistles:

eIMG_5226 Anna with MiMi and Aunt Lea Lee

eIMG_5228 Anna with MiMi and her incredibly amazing mother


My eggs are the ugly ones. 

Now for the hunt…

eIMG_5256 Yes, I hid an egg in the pool.  It floated to the center and was pretty darn obvious.  Anna 1, Mom 0.

eIMG_5259eIMG_5261eIMG_5266eIMG_5268eIMG_5269eIMG_5272 I wonder how many dogs have peed on this hydrant.

So, I thought our egg hunting expedition would last for hours, but I was out-smarted by a two year old.  She found all 12 eggs in less than 5 minutes.  I hid them again.  She found them more quickly the second time around.  Next year I’m going to hide them in my car – she’ll never look there.  Or will she?

I hope you all had a wonderful and memorable Easter holiday.  If you blogged about it, post the link in the comment section.  I’d love to read all about it!


Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

LOL "Since we’re women, we read instructions."

Merks said...

LOL We hid 24 eggs thinking that would give us a lengthy Easter activity. NOPE. Stasa found every egg within minutes. Those toddlers are geniuses.

melbourne3 said...

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