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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter was always a fun holiday growing up.  Egg dyeing, Easter egg hunts, jelly beans, peanut butter eggs, jelly beans, Easter baskets full of cavity inducing candy, jelly beans.

I obviously love jelly beans which is why I have three bags of them in my desk right now. 

So, who would’ve thought that Easter would be an even more fun holiday once you popped out a child?  I had no idea!

This past weekend, we did every clichéd Easter activity possible and had a total blast!  Since Joe had to work on Good Friday and Saturday, Anna and I made a trip out to Mimi’s house (her favorite place on earth) to partake in some pre-Easter festivities.   I decided to be a good mother this weekend and actually photograph it all.  I am a true slacker in that respect.  When my child is 25 and decides to take a trip down memory lane, I don’t want her thinking she disappeared between the ages of 2 and 4. 

I think I went a little overboard with the photos.  Oh well, I know my mother-in-law will appreciate my efforts!

So, here we go – photos and commentary of our wonderful little weekend. 

Disclaimer: Yes, my child is wearing a two-piece.  This was a last-minute idea on our part (swimming), and it’s all we could find at the store closest to my mom’s house.  Besides, she looks adorable in it!

Anna and Jackson are ready to swim! 

He’s the happiest baby on the planet.

I wonder if Anna is happy?

Yeah, I think so.


She’s finally starting to smile for the camera.  It’s a Christmas miracle!

She’s ready to swim!  Or sit.  Because that’s all she’ll be able to do in that tiny little pool.

She’s not quite brave enough to “dive” in yet.


Still unsure.

There we go!

Jackson jumped right in!





She looks like a cop with a radar gun.

I see a little crack.


More to come – stay tuned…


JerzeyKatie said...

Jackson (and Anna) got so big. OM*!! I can't wait for the warm weather to arrive here in Jersey (though its 80 today). That pool looks so refreshing!

Jen E. said...

omg , when did Anna grow up? she is too cute. she looks soo much like her mama! and I'm dying over her curls!!!
Jackson is adorable too. Lovin his plummers crack pose. lol

Hope all is well!

Victoria said...

Anna is so cute and looks just like you!

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

um, wasn't Jackson *just* born? How did these babies grow up so fast??? And btw, you can never take too many pictures! So snap away.

Mrs E said...

I thought the same as many previous posters! Didn't your sister JUST have Jackson, like, last week ;0)

Anna is getting so big! So tall!

Such a happy crew you have there ! Love the pics

Jill said...

I CANNOT get over how big Anna is! I'm serious! I open your posts and go OMG, every time! It's crazy how fast she's growing and changing!

Jennifer said...

Jackson looks HUGE!

And Anna's hair is adorable. Don't you love how humidity does wonders for curly hair? Ha!

One Pork Chop said...

It's crazy, I know! This past year has flown. My nephew is almost a toddler, and my toddler is almost a teenager. Time goes by WAY too quickly!

Jennifer - yes, I LOVE humidity. My hair (and Anna's) looks best when there's more humidity. That's one of the only perks of having afros like ours.

Anonymous said...
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