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Thursday, April 7, 2011

To the bat cave.

Yes, I’m still alive.  I’ve been bat signaled a few times over the past few weeks, and before you all start calling the cops to ensure that I’m not decomposing on the floor of my bedroom (I watch a lot of Crime 360), I wanted to drop a little line to let you know that all is well in Porkchopville.

Well, actually, all is INSANE in Porkchopville.  This is because I have taken on too much in my life, so, unfortunately my blog has taken a backseat to all of this.

To prove to you that this blog is never far from my mind, here are some drafts of blogs that I was writing and planning on posting.  However, my ADD and busy schedule pulled me away, so the blogs sit in my draft folder just waiting to be finished.  This doesn’t include about 20 other posts that I started and never even saved as a draft.  Is there a pill for this?  

 4-7-2011 8-19-05 AM
So, here’s a quick summary of my life.

My Etsy Store

My Etsy Store
My Etsy Store

Oh, and I take care of Anna somewhere in between all of that, too.  My house, on the other hand, should be featured on Hoarders at this point.  This is what happens when your child is the Tasmanian Devil, your husband has a Call of Duty addiction and you’re stuck in a sweat shop (aka my craft room) making bows and headbands all night long.  Don’t get me wrong, I love making bows, but with all of that time spent on other things, something else falls behind.  Like my house.  And this blog.  And my sanity.

Here’s what Anna is up to:

She’s fully potty trained (SCORE)

She’s thriving at daycare and is speaking in near full sentences.  I’m ecstatic about this since I was worried she had a speech delay.  It just took bringing her to daycare to force it all out of her.

She is adorable.  And I was going to post a recent picture of her, but I realized that I don’t have any.  OK, I seriously need to work on this. 

This is as good as you’re going to get.  I think she inherited my husband’s hoarder tendencies.  Yes, she likes to sleep with all of this stuff.  Yes, those are bowls.


So, there’s my update.  I can’t promise that I’ll be able to post as frequently as I once did, but how ‘bout I make you a promise that I won’t go an entire season again.  Er, the last post was before Thanksgiving. 

Enough about me.  How are YOU? 


Jennifer said...

Oh lord - I'm cracking UP at the bowls in her crib.

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Girl, I was startin to worry. Then I stopped by your esty shop a few weeks ago and noticed how busy you've been with that... so I figured you weren't decomposing on the floor of your bedroom.

Mrs E said...

glad to see you've resurfaced! miss your posts!

Yay for sentences and potty training!
I'm jealous over both..
we're working on both (not neccessarily together, but sometimes!)

Something odd said...

Don't you think she needs a bed and needs to be toilet trained now? She's like three years old now come on.

One Pork Chop said...

Yo, Something Odd, she is fully potty/toilet trained now and sleeping in a big bed. Quit being a dumb ass and read more recent posts. This was posted when she was two and a half.

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