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Friday, February 26, 2010

Under Construction.

From day 1, my child has hated wearing hats, headbands, clips, barrettes, bows – basically anything that distinguishes a bald girl baby from a bald boy baby.  Surprisingly, Anna has only been confused for a boy once, but I’m convinced the person calling her a boy was a crack smoker considering that Anna WAS wearing a bow in her hair that day.

So, it always surprises me when Anna decides to put stuff on her head.  Stuff like this:

January 2010 032January 2010 033

January 2010 035Doh!  It’s falling off! January 2010 038  I’ll just put it back on.  No problem.

My child walks around with this faux construction hat on her head pretty much all day.  Couple that with her stylish Paw Paw slippers that she loves, and I have one fashionable child!


Haley said...

I LURVE the slips! :)

G+D said...

OMG, that first picture is ADORABLE! LOL, I love it!

lena said...

I cannot count the times my baby girl is dressed head to toe in pink and somebody asks "how old is HE?". Seriously crack must be involved.

Heather said...

ha ha! Great pics. One of mine is also obsessed with putting things on her head.

Lisa said...

What a sweetie! The crazy outfits will only continue. I promise! Rain boots and dresses are a must at our house.

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