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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carnival of crazy.

One reason I had a child was so I could go to birthday parties with her and eat cake.  When we get party invitations in the mail, I jump up and down a little and instantly start salivating at the thought of birthday cake – especially if it has butter cream icing and is flavored with almond extract. 

Plus, it's an excellent photo opportunity for me. I often forget to bring my camera when we go places, so I more than make up for it at birthday parties.  I’m that mom – the one who takes photos of every.single.move my child makes at the party.  Aww, she’s scratching her face – CLICK.  Aww, she’s gagging on cake – CLICK.  Bad mom, bad mom. 

So, this past weekend I went to my cousin’s son’s 2nd birthday party.  So, it was my second cousin’s party – Anna’s third cousin.  Right?  After first cousin, I’m pretty much lost.  So, let’s just pretend that I’m right here.  Anyway, it was such a cute party theme.  Aidan’s (my second cousin, Anna’s third cousin) mom had a carnival setup complete with a cotton candy machine, a jumpy thingamajig, a little outside bowling lane and all sorts of other cute stuff for the kiddos to be entertained with. 

In true Anna form, she played the shy card for the first 30 minutes or so until she was able to better scope out the place.  Then all hell broke loose.  I don’t think my child sat down for more than 1 second the entire day.  She was everywhere and into everything, and I got some great photos.  Unfortunately, she’s too busy playing that she forgot to look at the camera, so they’re all candid.  Those are more fun anyway, right?

March 2010 112 Here she is attempting to bowl a strike.  Or a spare.  Or if she takes after me, just hoping to knock down one pin (or Coke bottle in this case).  By the way, the pictures I posted in yesterday’s post (Letter to Anna: 17 months) are from the same day.  She doesn’t wear this dress everyday, I promise.

March 2010 119 March 2010 120

Here you can see her cheeks are starting to get red.  That’s b/c I forgot to put sunscreen on her that morning.  Sun – 1: Mom – 0.

March 2010 116 Anna tries to conquer the bike.March 2010 117 And gives up quickly. March 2010 126 Anna finds a bike that is more her size.  March 2010 128 And wastes no time trying it out.March 2010 135 Now she wants to go fishing. March 2010 136 And eat the plastic fish. March 2010 142 She also likes to steal prizes from the prize box. March 2010 147 She wasn’t quite feeling the jumpy thingamajig, but she certainly looked cute in it!March 2010 156 Cute dimple shot! March 2010 161 Should I go down the slide? March 2010 163 Nah, I’ll just kick back and chill for a while. March 2010 169 And crawl around for a bit.  I see London.  March 2010 175 Yay!  Slide, slide, slippidy slide.  March 2010 184 My beautiful mother and my beautiful daughter who refuses to look @ the camera.  March 2010 189 Yay, mimi, flip me over! March 2010 190 I think I’m going to barf.  March 2010 191 Oh boy, I’m exhausted mom.  I see London.  (<—Ok, I really need to teach my child to be more lady-like.)

Happy Birthday, Aidan!


mrs.messi said...

She is too cute! I love that outfit!

mandie lane said...

Was there a "Most Fashionable Party Attendee" award? If so, Anna for the win!

And wow- your mom is beautiful. Lucky you with genes like that! :)

Joseph's Journey said...

Anna is beautiful!! she is getting so big. I just wanted to let you know that I advertised your blog link on my/Joseph's blog. I hope it send more readers your way.
By the way your blog is great!!! Love reading it.

CampDallas said...

What a cutie patootie! And wow...your mom is absolutely lovely! :-)

Kelly said...

Anna is adorable and I love her outfit! I'd love to know how you get her to wear headbands - my daughter tears the off within seconds.

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