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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Office.

I’ve often said that my child came out with a briefcase and a Blackberry in her hand.  She has an obsession with laptops, cell phones, pens, paper and basically anything else that can be used to run an office or work in an office.  When we go to Best Buy, she salivates over the Mac computer displays.  Then again, so does my husband.  I guess she gets her “all things techie” obsession from her parents.  Let’s hope she didn’t inherit my inability to do basic third grade math.  I’m already worried about future math homework. 

Anyway, one of the biggest problems I have with my little child is that she likes to climb on my office chair and mess up my laptop settings while I’m doing something in another room.  When I come back in the office, my laptop screen is turned upside down, and my mouse is nowhere to be found.  That’s because she klepto’d it and moved it to an undisclosed location that I eventually locate hours later.  You can imagine my frustration. 

So, to appease Anna’s inner-techie-beast, I finally had a lightbulb moment.  Many years ago when I graduated from college, my dear parents bought me a laptop.  As with any computer, it eventually became obsolete, so I put it in the attic with the rest of the stuff I can’t part with yet.  My bright idea was to get the laptop for Anna – maybe then she would stop trying to destroy mine!  A-HA! 

I plugged it in.  Heck yes, it still works!  Anna’s eyes lit up.  She started clapping.  The old yet familiar start-up music chimed, and my old wallpaper – The Trady Bunch (all of the designers on Trading Spaces arranged like the Brady Bunch grid) – quickly popped up on the screen.  Groovy! 

It all started out great. Anna was happy. I was happy. Life was good. Then, she closed the screen. Hell ensued. This is a photo stream of how it went down.

Annacomputer 001 Yay!  My very own laptop.  I’m a spoiled little girl!

Annacomputer 003 Now I can type like mom!  (Goodness, that child’s hair – well, there are no words.)

Annacomputer 004 Go away, mom, I am busy. 

Annacomputer 007

Hmm, I wonder what will happen if I put this down. 

Annacomputer 008Um, mom, it’s no longer making noises and showing pretty pictures.  

Annacomputer 011 HELLO!  Can you help me here?!

Annacomputer 012 I’m really about to lose it, mom. 

Annacomputer 013I warned you!

How cool of a mom am I that I actually let it reach that point?  Pretty pathetic, right?  Oh well, it makes for a good photo.  I’ll have you know that I opened the laptop for her after this picture, and all was well in Anna land.  At least for 1.2 seconds until she closed the laptop again.  Then I got a genius idea on how to keep this from happening again. 

Annacomputer TAPE!  Yes, this is how trashy, poor people like myself fix things – we just tape ‘em. 

So, now Anna and I can spend more quality time together on our laptops.  Ain’t life grand?

Oh, P.S. -
If you happened to notice that my office looks like a tornado hit it, take a look at this photo:
March 2010 059 Anna also likes shredders and shredded paper.  She doesn’t like cleaning it up, though – she leaves that task to me.  Joy.


Heather said...


Love the taped up laptop pic. Love it!

Bella Mia Bows & Things said...

oh...and the trady bunch? really? lol

Bella Mia Bows & Things said...

LOVE it!
let me tell daughter does the same thing! she pushes buttons and settings...and i really have no idea how to fix it half the time. for weeks, my font was super small, bc of some random button she pushed.i finally figured out how to fix it (some kinda of function key...does anyone actually use those aside from toddlers?)
so yea...i had a light bulb moment...but mine wasnt as successful. i bought her a kid know, the toy kind?
um...yea...she took one look at it. pushed a button. looked at me like i had 10 heads and ran to my laptop and said "PUTER!". apparently she totally knew the difference. brat.

...and yea, i totally would have let it get to meltdown point just for the pics. i often laugh at what sets her off...and laugh long enough to get her to rock bottom...bc sometimes, its just so funny.

i'm bad. so very very bad.

Emily said...

So funny, I've resorted to the same tatics with Icie. She has an old laptop and an old cellphone.

hopefuls #1 said...

This is such a great idea! I have one like this that I don't really want to get rid of or even go through the motions of removing the hard drive and things... Sooooo, I'll just keep it for when my future child wants to type like mommy... Great idea!

Oh the shredding too! Yikes!!!

Chantal said...

What a great idea! You sure are a thinker!! I am also sure that your old laptop is much less annoying then the children "laptops" they sell at toy stores that just play annoying music and say the same thing over and over again!

HarmSkills said...

we did the same thing with my old cell phone. my sons eyes light up! but then he slams it shut and I have to open it for him. and I have recharge it!

The Nerdy Katie said...

That is soooo our house. I never thought of giving PD my old laptop thought. Good thinkin! He did get my old Blackberry and once I find where he hid it I plan on putting his music on it (he is in a Gansta Rap fase) and some Yo Gabba Gabba.

Stephanie J. said...

Cute!! When she gets a little older and can wreak havoc on your settings, you can set up a separate user account for her on your computer. That way you can limit what programs and websites she's able to open. It's been wonderful for Sam.

Jennifer said...

This would be why my children have their own old cell phones and remotes - but don't you know they KNOW the difference.

And I'm glad Audrey and Anna are crazy hair sisters

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