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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ghost hunters.

I've always had a slight fascination with all things paranormal.  Granted, I'm not in my bedroom conjuring up spirits with a Ouija board or anything like that, but I can listen to ghost stories and watch shows about hauntings all day long.  My slight fascination started when I was a young lass, about 8 or so.  Two simple words, uttered by a diminutive child, would be my first glimpse into the afterlife...

...They're HERE!

Poltergeist, my friends.  This movie scared me to death.  This movie made me have nightmares for weeks.  This movie is one of the reasons why I refuse to live next to or near a cemetery.  This movie is why I don't like unfinished swimming pools.  This movie is what made me crazy enough to do what I'm about to do.

Can you guess what I'm about to do? 

I've decided to become a part of the TAPS/Ghost Hunters team and do my own ghost hunting at one of the country's most haunted homes - The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.   Jason and Grant contacted me personally and asked me to help them out since I'm such an expert in the field.

Nah, I kid. 

I'm not really going to be a part of the TAPS team, I'm just going with some of my fun family members to see if we can be spooked enough to leave out of there in the middle of the night.  According to the stories we've heard, not many people make it through the night in that place. We shall see. 

I talk a big game while I'm sitting in my unhaunted house, but methinks I'll have some fun (and scary) stories to share with you all once I get back - maybe even some pictures.  Either that or I'll just find some ghost pictures online and pass them off as my own.  That's the honest thing to do.

So, anyone else out there fascinated with ghosts and ghost stories?  Have you ever had a paranormal experience?  Care to share?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I'll be following up once our trip is over to let you know how it turned out.  That is, if I'm not in therapy 24/7 to cure myself of the scare.


The Martha Complex said...

VERY cool.

I like ghost stories/shows too. My hubby has actually called the ghost hunters once & had them come out and look at his shop. He has had spooky experiences there. Me, I won't go there after dark!

Casandra said...

I have always wanted to stay at the Myrtles, but my husband is a sissy. Yeah, I said it. I do have friend who stayed and has a creepy story.
She was a child at the time and brought along her cabbage patch (yeah, we're children of the 80s) kids, as did her sisters. They packed them in the suitcases the day they were to leave, but when they came back to their room, they were on the mantle. This happened one other time that day. So they left them. (Not sure if they'd still be around)

And Poltergeist scared me shitless. I still do not like to sleep with my closest door open, a flaw, I think I've passed to my little boy.

OhioFamOf4 said...

Ha, ha I used to love Poltergeist.

I've never heard of the Myrtles but I laughed when we took a tour of Oak Alley and were told there were supposedly haunted things in one of the rooms. Then when we got back all of our pictures taken in that room were blurry and all the rest were fine (this was before digital, so I didn't know until I had them developed).

I would love to take a ghost tour sometime, but there isn't much of that available up here in Ohio. Will have to look into it next time we're down south. Had the kids with us last time and didn't think it was probably appropriate, lol.

The Mitchell Family said...

LOL @ Jason and Grant! I would love to go stay at The Myrtles!

I'm in St. Louis and I had my wedding reception at The Lemp Mansion. They gave me the keys to the house to put my dress there and some other stuff. My friend and I went there at night and no one else was there. We went to our room and started checking it out. There was a closet door in the bedroom that was locked and we heard noises coming from it. Sort of like tapping noises and wind chimes. Then I was looking at the mirror over the sink (which was right next to a window) and all of a sudden there was a slam on the window! My friend and I got out of there so quick!

So a couple months ago some friends and I signed up for a ghost hunting night at Lemp. It was a interesting night and I saw a curtain move, LOL. But what was really interesting is when we were doing the tour of the room I got ready it, it turns out behind that locked closet where we heard noises was where one of the Lemp's shot himself!

Liz said...

So excited about our trip. As you know Ghost Hunters is my favorite TV show. I can't wait till Friday night to see if we can handle the whole night. It's going to be a blast or a BOOooooooo. A part of me wants to see and hear something while another part of me thinks OH NO...LOL! We'll see which of us is ready to leave the Mrytles first.

lo said...

For some reason I can watch Ghost Hunters and all those other stories for hours but a fake Horror movie? Nope. NOT ME. I have no idea why for some reason the fake stuff scares me much more!

I like Ghost Adventures more than Ghost Hunters if only for the sheer hilarity of it. "BRO I JUST SAW A GHOST." "FOR REAL BRO? I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS AND STUFF."

You're brave though to go to a REAL haunted house! Bro.

Bella Mia Bows & Things said...

i LOVE ghost hunters and used to watch religiously. until i realized that every wednesday night i would totally get too spooked to move. lol. my husband works late, so i was always by myself (while my 2 yr old daughter slept peacefully upstairs). i would hear things over the monitor, see things out of the corner of my eye, and jump when the phone rang. i'd check on my daughter compulsively and leave every light on in the house. since i've stopped watching, i've done better. and my electric bill went down. lol. but i still catch it every now and then, and experience the same thing, just not EVERY wednesday now. lol

have fun! cant wait to see what you blog about it =)

Dani_Zaz said...

Hello. Dropping in during the LBS. I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, but I am a huge chicken and only watch ghost shows during the daylight hours.

Enjoying your sense of humor and the fact that our children were both born in October.

Look forward to more posts.

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