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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sneaux day.

Louisiana is the armpit of the sun.  It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s miserable here in the summer.  You walk from your car to your house and melt in a puddle on the cement.  There’s no hope for your hair.  With the humidity, my hair looks like Don King’s hair puked on it.

So, it’s quite alarming and a tad bit exciting when it snows, er sneauxs, here.  Everything shuts down like it’s the end of the world.  People stock up on bread, milk and cheese.  Schools close, kids make mini-snowmen out of the 1” of snow that manages to stick on the ground.  It’s glorious!  It’s already snowed twice this winter season, and it also snowed last December (2008) – just a few weeks shy of Christmas.  I believe it’s because my child was born.  She’s graced Louisiana with white winters.  You can donate to her college fund as a thank you for all that she’s done for this state. 

Here's Anna's first white Christmas – 12/11/2008.

untitledThis was actually a very beautiful snowfall.  It reminded me of the “blizzards” we used to have up north.  The snow stayed on the ground for almost a week. 

n742925561_5009232_947 Here she is outside.  In the snow.  On a very cold day.  CPS, anyone?  




Even Cosmo got in on the action!

So, here's this year's sneaux pictures!

January 2010 039

Kinda pitiful in comparison, right?  Oh well, everything still shut down.  Snow day!  Woot!

January 2010 041 Here’s my little girl looking at the snowflakes.  The last time it snowed, she was in an infant carrier seat and a bouncy.  Now she’s standing and walking and running.  My, how time flies!  (I just noticed she had my TV remote in her hand.  I haven’t seen it since that day.  Blargh!)

So, I want to thank God for deeming Louisiana fit to take part in the white washing that normal states get. We enjoyed it, even if it lasted for 5.5 seconds and melted right away. At least I have pictures to prove that it did sneaux in the dirty dirty south.


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