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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Answers for my lurkers.

First of all, thanks to all of the lurkers who came out of the closet in my De-lurk Lurkers post. It was wonderful reading comments from all of you, and I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs, so I can begin stalking you.

Just kiddin'. ;)

Anywho, a few of you asked me some questions, so I'm following up today with my replies.

Let's get started:

Q: Jennifer asked:
Will you ever attempt to take another Anna side-eye pic? Cause the one you have now is a masterpiece.

A: A true masterpiece can never be replicated, unfortunately. The infamous Anna side-eye picture is, as you say, a masterpiece. I can only hope for a pale comparison of the original. I spend day and night photographing my child just hoping and praying that she'll, once again, turn her eyes to the side for a perfect side-eye picture. Since her hair hasn't grown much, she still basically looks the same as the original, so I'll keep using it until her mullet finally grows out.

Q: Mommyofone asked:
I tried the fantabulous crib rail trick (aka: sheet tied around the railing), but my babe learned how to untie all the cute ribbon knots I tied it on with. Do you still have yours on Anna's crib and does she leave it alone?

A: Nope! Anna learned how to move the sheet and chew on her crib no matter where I tied it off! I've decided my child is just too brilliant to be fooled by my faux Macgyver attempt at crib protection. I do want to say that I am quite flattered you copied my crib rail cover. Maybe you and I should go back to the drawing board and try to come up with something a little less, I dunno, craptastic for the next go 'round!

Q: HG asked
What is your best advice for getting babies to get veggies? Or does Anna like veggies?

A: Put the veggies in donuts? In ice cream? Seriously, I have no idea. Anna HATES vegetables. She will put them in her mouth while I'm looking at her and then spit them out when I turn around. She thinks she's smart, but I see her doing this out of my side-eye. Yes, I can side-eye, too. Until they make fruit flavored vegetables, I think it's always going to be a challenge for us (and many other parents as well). If you ever find a solution, you know where to find me!

Q: The Other Sister asked:
Did I miss the 12 month photo fail? And did she receive anything monogrammed with her LBAK initials?

A: Darn! I was hoping no one had noticed the missing 12 month photo fail. You see, I took photos of her, but I failed to load them and write about them on my blog. It's obvious that nothing gets by you people.

I'm still waiting to receive some monogrammed LBAK items. Perhaps a hand towel or a bath robe.

Q: Kerri asked:
What is your/Anna's daily routine like?
What kind of foods do you feed Anna, or what does she like?

A: My daily routine consists of the following:
Hitting the snooze button until I'm almost not late
Clean up cat puke
Feed Anna
Clean up more cat puke

Anna's routine:
Yo Gabba Gabba

Anna goes through spurts of wanting to eat everything in sight to not eating anything. She's just like me except I never go through spurts of not eating anything. So, I guess she's not like me at all. So, just so she'll eat SOMETHING, I've resorted to feeding her the crap I said I'd never feed her - hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, way more fruit than vegetables, etc.

At this point, I'm just trying to get her to eat something, and I figure something is better than nothing, right? On a good day, she'll eat turkey or ham, wheat bread, carrots (if I'm lucky), cheese, peaches or pears, raisins. She likes finger foods. She hasn't quite mastered a spoon yet, so most of the stuff she eats is stuff she can pick up off of her high chair. Score for me since I can't cook worth a crap!

Well, that's all for now, readers. Thanks to those who responded! I look forward to hearing more from you girls soon - don't be shy, k? Anna says so.


Jennifer said...

Here is how I get my girls to eat veggies - dip them in puree fruit! Nothing says YUMMM to them like green beans dipped in bananas.

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