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Monday, May 4, 2009

Random PSA for the week.

Everyone should wear clothing that fits their body. This should be a given, this should be common sense, this should be everyone's daily practice, right?

Unfortch, many fail at this elementary logic and fail at it miserably.

Case in point...

King Camel Hump.

Camel Hump, by definition, is the male version of a camel toe.

Both camels are unattractive and probably unsanitary.

This photo started out innocently enough.

My eyes first checked out Anne's enormous sunglasses. I gigglesnorted for a few minutes at the obvious homage to Woodstock.

Then my eyes moved down to her 1980s splatter-paint party bluejean outfit. Hmm, I'm no queen of fashion (ahem, my black hat), so I'll leave it at that.

Then I spy a cute chocolate lab!

A quick glance to the right. DOH! A camel hump. A large and painful looking hump.

I wonder what sort of anesthesia he had to administer in that area to dull the pain of having his goods contorted in such an odd fashion. Maybe none at all from the looks at it. He does look like he's suffering quite a bit.

So, here's my PSA for the week. Please wear pants that fit. No one likes a camel hump (or a camel toe for the girls out there), and if they do, they're probably perverts anyway - who wants to impress a pervert?

That is all.


Niki said...

Hilarious! This is so funny. I happen to love camel toes on guys though, (just kidding!)

G+D said...

Fabulous PSA! Bravo!

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