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Friday, May 22, 2009

Right Said Fred.

My child is in love.

With herself.

I have proof.

1 test1 3 4 5 She is also whispering sweet nothings to herself in this picture.


She was spent after this.  Admiring yourself for long periods of time is exhausting.  Just ask Kelly Killoren Bensimon.

Oh, and a little sidenote – Anna does own more than one outfit, I promise.  This is her favorite onesie, and since she’s feeling a little under the weather, I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible.  So, please don’t feel sorry for us and send us any new clothes unless you insist.  Anna is in 6 – 9 months.  TYVM.  (Just kiddin’) ;)


Jennifer said...

ZOMG hilarious!!!!

Tamara said...

Soooo cute and funny! You are the queen of "a way with words".. LOVE your blog Natalie!

- Tamara Jean

Russ, Anna and Pepper said...

Ha ha ha on the Kelly Killoren Bensimon reference, TOTALLY "got" that one!!!!!! I so have a pic just like that of Pepper toppled over in her bouncy seat too. I swear these kids are creatures all their own

Mandy said...

LOL :) She is so stinkin' cute!! And you with that mullet...hawt! ;)

Myndee said...

Oh, yes. K is a narcissist as well. She can be in a fussy mood and all we have to do is show her a mirror. She LOVES the baby in the mirror.

Beth said...

If I was as beautiful as Anna, I'd be all up in a mirror all day too.

Gorgeous. And mama is too, mullet and all.

Jennifer said...

I totally believe we would be BFFs if we ever met. Like, BFFs with heart necklaces.

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