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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video killed the radio star.

Check out some videos of Anna Banana.

Anna has learned to shake her head no. She does this constantly.

Anna's first experience with a sippy cup. She did great!

So I creep yeah. Just keep it on the downlow.


Lyndsay said...

Love the head shaking, very cute! What kind of sippy cup is that? I like the bigger "nipple" on it. And isn't it exciting (and scary) to know she'll be crawling soon!? Amelia is getting on her hands and knees and she started rocking on them tonight!

Jen said...

Adorable!! I remember when Alison did that head shaking around Anna's age! And, I love her little baby leggings in the last video, oh my gosh cuteness! Great videos!!

Jen said...

p.s. forgot to say, i laughed out loud when I read "anna banana" on your post! I often call alison "alison anna banana" (since anna is her middle name). :-) too cute!

Josh, Allie and Collin said...

I love the babylegs and rufflebutt! She is a cutie!

Mandy said...

So cute! Ben does the same head shake thing and it just cracks me up! :) And look at her with the sippy and crawling! What a big girl! :)

Carla said...

She's so cute Nat! I can't believe she's trying to crawl and drinking from a sippy. You just had her last month, right?!

Emily said...

She is too precious!!! I just love her!!

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