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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My concession.

Fellow Readers and Friends,

I was wrong.

Miss Cleo is a liar.

So, can I just tell you how ecstatic I am that Kris Allen won?! Out of all of the seasons I've been watching, I can't think of another contestant who is more deserving of this win than Kris. When the season first started, I didn't even like the guy. I was hoping he'd get kicked off early on to save a spot for my other early favorites like Anoop and Danny. Little did I know that I would eventually grow to like him the best. Why?

This is why:

And this:

The entire show last night was phenomenal. I watched it from beginning to end which is no small feat considering I have ADD and a lead finger that tends to fast-forward through most of the "fluff" in these finales. Even Joe admitted that he enjoyed the show and said it was a great finale.

Thoughts? Were you happy Kris won? Mad that Adam lost? Sad that Idol is over? Couldn't care less about any of it?


Dawn said...

Will it make you :lol if I tell you that the whisperers in my office are outraged that Adam was robbed? And all they have whispered about all morning is that Kris will be a one hit wonder. Gah. They have not taste.

I am thrilled that Kris won! I was on the Matt Giraud train, but since Matt couldn’t win, I am super happy about Kris winning.

DianeTaylor said...

I was screaming in bed when they announced it, woke up my hubs and my puppy. They of course could have cared less about it. Adam is a good singer but he makes me ears bleed when he screetches...I mean, sings.....woohoo for Kris!!!! America got it right for sure. I think he got alot of Danny's votes.

Jen said...

AH!!! First off, I am sad it is all over!! I have been experiencing AI crazy hysteria, esp these past few weeks!

Like you, I wasn't a fan of Kris when AI started this season. I actually didnt like him much for whatever reason. But, I REALLY think he blossomed in a way, got more comfortable with it all, and showed his stuff in the end, showed us all what a great talent he is, and I came to LOVE him!!!

In the end, I think both Kris AND Adam are great performers and was so glad to see them in the final. I was a Danny and Alison fan in the beginning early on, but I am really happy with how things turned out!!

Oh, and I agree about the show- much praise to AI for putting on a GREAT finale- I usually get BORED and fast forward through many of the performances, but they hit it out of the ball park last night with this one!

Oh AI, how I am going to miss you..this season was awesome!!!

Katrina said...

So excited that Kris won! I was pulling for Matt G. & Danny, but we all know how that ended.

I didn't watch the actual finale (it's DVR-ed), but I will watch it tonight...I'm relived to hear it's not boooooooooring.

I'm just sad that Kris has to record that craptastic song that Kara co-wrote!

Angela said...

So so so happy for Kris!!! I can't wait to see all of them in July at the concert!

Emily said...

I am so happy Kris won!! Adam was good, but way overkill towards the end.

Just 2 weeks ago, we were watching AI and I was like, "Who's Kris Allen? Where did he come from?" of course DH got a laugh out of that - and now look at who won! Wooohooo!

Lyndsay said...

He has such a beautiful voice!! I didn't even notice him in the beginning (well maybe once in Hollywood), but I'm so glad he won! He deserved it and I highly doubt he'll be a one-hit wonder. Thanks for posting these videos!

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