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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ask me anything.

I'm leaving it up to you. You have control. You're the leader. Simon say what?

Ask me any question you want to ask. Throw out any topic you'd like to hear my $.02 on, and I will dedicate an entire blog to it. Anything goes. Well, almost anything. I don't give out my personal information on here for numerous reasons, so that's a no-go.

This is an experiment. I'm curious to see what little gems you can come up with, and I'm also curious if I still have the gift of gab like I did in high school/college. I could BS my way through any paper. :)


Grady said...

give me your opinion on what is better vmware or xencenter? Just kidding, what do you think of the GM ordeal? Do you think our tax dollars would have been better spent if they would have just giving each american family money and told them they had to buy a american vehicle with it instead of wasting it away?

Aly said...

boxers or briefs?
paper or plastic?
pepsi or coke?
mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?
Mac or PC?
cable or s?

Javelin Rockford said...

How did you and your husband meet?

Jennifer said...

Your most embarassing moment...

Beth said...

If you were dying and were being forced to give all of your possessions away, down to the last penny, how would you spend it? Take your family out of the equation. You can't leave anything to them.


Jen said...

Labor and Delivery story! I dont think I ever heard about yours. Was your delivery fairly easy? tough? worst thing ever ever imaginable?? (oh wait that was me haha)

Kelly said...

If animals were to take over, which species would serve as the ruling class? Why?

Kelly said...

Oh, and I found your blog via the bump... I'm swedish-fish:)

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